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I am the master of custom travel

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Experience of the moment, leisure and other modern elements into traditional tourist gradual way. Private consumption custom tour that began to travel into the lives of ordinary people: from the travel preparation, destination choice, to play custom maps all by himself the final say, this flexible and stylish way to travel is also being increasingly The more respected by visitors. Travel to develop their own fashion "Guests that play any time how distribution and consumption of such a standard, we are on request, to provide customized services, including attractions, leisure, shopping and free time and so on." Currently, "Custom Travel "The concept and model has become a fashion in the Castle travel way. In fact, it comes custom tours, is that the tourists in choosing a travel destination, based on the original itinerary changes according to their needs travel time, meal standards and other creative aspects of all ... ... but for most people, customized travel just a new concept, some people even think that custom travel tour but a form of self-help, in fact, private custom tours Tours to elaborate much more than. Custom Tours Travel not only has the time to loose with the relative freedom and other characteristics, but also adds a lot of travel only the elements belonging to target tourists and creative, to allow tourists to feel the "tailored" advantage. Classic Holiday International Travel Service exit department, told reporters: "In fact, just the rise of domestic 'custom travel' back in fashion in Europe and America, many people want to be special, even if a place is to the same hope and do not shoot people the same picture, which have local characteristics, a theme, to meet the personal preferences of the circuit more vulnerable to urban white-collar and successful people who welcome. " Custom wedding travel much touted It is understood that tourism in the city of customized travel products on the menu, visitors strongest response characteristics when the number of custom wedding tour. Foreign invested enterprises in the Binhai New Area with senior management as Mr. Gao told reporters that his wife Love marathon after only 7 years into the marriage hall, so be sure to give her a unique wedding, because his wife is a elementary school music teacher, and very like see the sea, and would like to hold her in a romantic Hawaiian coast music wedding. Side of classic holiday of total international travel, said: "The current custom personalized wedding couple is very large, from the play to live, to choose the church, photographer, host, live sets and other play items can be selected according to their needs; and Custom Unlike a traditional wedding ceremony around a theme like, but according to the requirements of each couple for their customized travel plans; the same time as the new destination for people to choose mostly popular honeymoon locations worldwide, whether it is airport machine or ground operators or tour guides docking Hotel front desk staff and other visitors are able to basically solve the problem is worried about the language, custom wedding tour for potential consumers to lift the worries. "

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