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Shantou into a new hot spot for East Tourists

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This year, Shantou tourism sector to the domestic and overseas marketing campaign vigorously, "Chiu Kiu hometown, food village, a romantic bay, leisure Shantou" Tourism image, so that many cities of Shantou gradually become a new tourist destination. Tourism industry estimates, "After the Expo," the price down traffic routes will change after the city-based tourism to send the source situation, will be contained by a large number of visitors to Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces Shantou tourism. During the National Day, two sets of financial channel CCTV "consumer advocate" program broadcast on the "Amoy music in progress - go Shantou" travel program, The film won the National Day special program "Music for when scouring" the highest series of 10 sets ratings. Zhejiang and Jiangsu province have been many times to undertake travel visitors to Shantou City, Holiday Travel, General Manager Qiu Xijiang confidently told reporters, with the Shantou tourism image in the domestic media publicity, awareness continues to increase, the city tourist source more and more progress in the development of wide, gradually become a tourist destination for overseas visitors. During the Expo by the tourism sector this year has increased efforts to promote the East China market, travel agencies are also actively cooperate with the introduction of unique tourism products on the East China market. He predicted that after the World Expo, Shanghai, Shantou fly discount airline tickets dropped significantly, especially in spring and lowest airline tickets less than 200 yuan, coupled with low price promotion effect, on the East China has a special appeal to tourists, air routes will break during the World Expo in Shantou tourists "flying out" of tourism-oriented situation, "fly in" Traveling East tourists will gradually increase.

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