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Wei Liucheng: Hainan will cooperate to advance construction of the passageway th

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This afternoon, wei Liucheng of director of standing committee of National People's Congress of secretary of provincial Party committee, province, weng Mengyong of undersecretary of the Liu Dongfu of railway ministry undersecretary that before vice secretary of provincial Party committee, governor collect protects inscription to ascended a hotel to interview in big talk happy event, will attend channel of city fining jade to cross job of sea project early days to lead meeting of group first time, traffic Department of Transportation, Guangdong is saved.
The ginseng that to coming from railway ministry, traffic Department of Transportation and Guangdong save meets Wei Liucheng to personnel thankses and welcome. He says, be in development to rise period Hainan is badly in need of compose building body traffic system, channel of city fining jade crosses sea project will be among them crucial one annulus, the traffic base project with the mainest Hainan will be become after building. Wei Liucheng points out, although Hainan is China,the biggest also is exclusive provincial special economic zone, but existing however the condition with fundamental difference, poor a copy kept as a record, hainan provincial Party committee decides, come 10 years in 5 years of future a base of development of tamp of concentrated force quantity, increase the construction strength of the infrastructure such as traffic facilities further.
Defend leave accepted theory or formulation, channel of city fining jade crosses sea passageway to the height that construction gained the Party Central Committee, the State Council is led takes seriously and care. This year the whole nation during two meetings, change in national hair appoint chair below, two two provinces signed cooperative summary in Beijing, start early days formally to arrange the job. And the job of project early days that holds today leads meeting of group first time, indicating this project enters materiality to start level, hainan will cooperate to push project with all one's strength.
Fang Xiaoyu of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, standing vice-governor, xu Jun of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, secretary-general attends interview. When the concerned branch chief such as development of lab of policy of province government general office, provincial Party committee, province and reform hall, province traffic hall is interviewed, be present.

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