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Regulation of big talk taxi: Silk of shoot a glance at of a stone needle used in

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Yesterday, big talk municipal government holds standing meeting, " regulation of cab passenger transport of big talk city " (draft) obtain principle through, " cab decides big talk city regulation of line car passenger transport " abolish at the same time. But revise further even to the partial clause in new orders draft, national People's Congress of city of newspaper big talk is examined and approve. New orders reachs a passenger to waited to make relevant provision to taxi company and taxi driver.
The passenger is uncivilized driver but refus carries
New orders draft sets, the passenger has one of following state, driver but refus carries: Carry control cutting tool, weapon to explode combustibly perhaps, easily, poisonous wait for dangerous article, or the animal that does not have safe, wholesome preventive measure; Unmanned custody, accompanied spirit patient, drunk wine person the requirement takes a car; Facilities of intended attaint traffic; The requirement that puts forward to disobey traffic safety, public security management to set or those who have other illegal action.
If the passenger violates these regulations, by big talk city administration of public transportation passenger transport instructs his to correct, can be in 50 yuan of above 100 yuan of the following amerce.
The driver violates compasses passenger but “ relieves sheet”
The driver must press the circuit travel with the route that the passenger chooses or the shortest distance, want go by a roundabout route truly, should explain to the passenger beforehand; Must not force other to throw a passenger by car or without reason midway; Agree without the passenger, must not solicit other to be multiplied together; Satisfy reasonable requirement of the passenger.
The driver has one of following state, the passenger is OK refuse payment fare: Do not use valuation implement perhaps do not press valuation implement indication amount collects fees; Do not issue cab of special bill; Car of internal cause of base price course of development or driver reason cannot finish those who carry a service; Without reason is circuitous.
Byelaw sets at the same time, the door ought to meet the Ministry of Communication of big talk city to be supervised with quality technology, valuation of choice of duty Wu branch, affirmatory cab implement valuation of model and responsible installation, maintenance, calibrating implement technical orgnaization, without approval, any units and individual do not get privately to change one's costume or dress, adjust, maintenance valuation implement.
Sordid, chaos sticks taxi automobile body the behavior such as advertisement appears, administration of city public transportation passenger transport can be in 500 yuan of above to operator or driver 2000 yuan of the following amerce. Midway of driver without reason throws the action such as the guest, by part of administration of city public transportation passenger transport 500 yuan of above are fined 2000 yuan below, the clue is serious sell its by gantry crane of city the Ministry of Communication from job seniority card.
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