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Hai Hang and Dan city sign hot spring of La Yang of consultative joint developme

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Our newspaper big talk on September 9 dispatch (Ren Yijie of reporter Yang Chunhong's trainee) yesterday, sea boat group and government office of civil administration of person of Dan state city develop area of travel of blue foreign hot spring to sign agreement of strategic collaboration framework jointly, according to the agreement, sea boat group pushs put forth effort blue foreign hot spring to go vacationing the travel development of the scene area such as area and park of forest of country of blue foreign hot spring.
Did not come 8 years, sea boat group will be in charge of build the infrastructure inside area of blue modern joint development, introduce travel to develop a project, scene area and national forest park make will blue foreign hot spring give priority to travel of amorous feelings of folk-custom of travel of body, zoology to be with hot spring recuperate outspread, collect is health body, recreation, recreational for the function of an organic whole all ready travel goes vacationing area.

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