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Yantai wine to create class wine Coast tourist area 5A

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Yantai, Shandong Province as the only Asian city of international grape and wine, intoxicating wine, incense attracts more than a million foreign tourists each year to Yantai products wine, taste food, leisure travel, tourism revenue and create more than 10 billion yuan. Recently, Yantai City in Shandong Tourism Bureau, under the "Coastal Tourism Zone, Yantai wine 5A class tourist attractions to create the program", Yantai City will create a 5A first-class "wine Coast tourist attractions," through tourism infrastructure Comprehensive facilities upgrade, the wine tourist attractions and rural life, historical monuments, food, golf and leisure, concerts, and other related tourism products combine the wine tour offers visitors a full set of travel services, construction Establish a more three-dimensional "Yantai wine tour."

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