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Gallinaceous flying dog jumps the tortoise climbs branch of big talk earthquake

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The earthquake is the topic that latter people cares most, do I save an earthquake to monitor a situation how? Is concerned branch everyday how undertake the earthquake is monitored? Recently, the reporter visited big talk earthquake to monitor a section designedly.
As we have learned, at present big talk city has station of 5 earthquakes observation, distributing in highway of show flower, Nanhai, municipal government, fine jade a mountainous area and other places, complete province has station of 30 many observation. The center is monitored in the earthquake, the earth's surface of area of big talk of OK and accurate knowledge shakes a circumstance, construction personnel is in Nanhai highway pile, can look as clear as dayly on computer screen. Technical personnel is OK still according to earthquake wave, dividing separate out is to shake natural still artificially.
Stand in show flower observation, the reporter sees here has a rainwater to collect household utensils and atmosphere observation box, still have 320 meters of when be built to be being sealed by vitreous cover readily deep wells, and the instrument box of size of a freezer. According to me fencing star of province earthquake expert introduces, as a result of focus the circumstance cannot be explored directly and seismic forecast carries out an opportunity to wait for a reason less, the earthquake is forecasted still is one of scientific difficult problem on current world, seismic branch at ordinary times the job, more is an earthquake monitor and not be to forecast. She tells a reporter, the seismic cent that monitor is microcosmic and macroscopical two respects. Microcosmic respect, branch of earthquake of big talk city basically uses subterranean fluid the equipment such as integrated observation appearance, the subterranean fluid that falls through deep to 320 meters well (water, steam, gas, oil) unusual change undertakes monitoring. In the meantime, use accurate instrument observation the specific means such as change of tiny earthquake activity undertakes microcosmic monitor.
Odour of water of earthquake sounds, flashes of light preceding an earthquake, gush, fuel injection, jet, ground, ground includes to enrage mist in the unusual observation project of macroscopical respect, well water magic flower, effervescent, jump, light, become angry, change aperture of flavour, well is out of shape, the unusual appearance of all sorts of animal behavior is waited a moment. And the animal is seismic happening all the time before important macroscopical and augural one of, be paid close attention to by seismic expert all the time, domestic and international scientist has discovered a variety of 130 animals to there is unusual reaction before big shock. Station of observation of animal of bureau of earthquake of big talk city uses the sensory system with sensitive animal to catch an earthquake augural and macroscopical unusual information, for earthquake of big talk city the forecast that monitor provides reference material, it is network of seismic major station the important complement of microcosmic observation. Here, raising the creature such as peacock, dove, chicken, dog, tortoise, technical personnel passes the abnormality of these animal behavior, have an earthquake of macroscopical information monitor.
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