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End of this month of map of public transportation electron appears on big talk i

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End of this month of map of public transportation electron will appear on big talk, inquire way human nature is changed, can inquire the specific line between two units

Do not know the way that where to multiply public transportation online dot mouse

Do not need to be below burning sun on the way ask the way, do not need to spend money to call seek advice, want to get online to nod a mouse gently only, the problem that take a car with respect to be readily solved. The reporter learns from center of information of material of mapping of Hainan of national mapping bureau now, at present map of public transportation electron makes big talk basically already successful, base of this month in and month out can appear. At the appointed time, broad citizen goes out by the car more will convenient.

To citizen of broad coco city, the bus is to give a the mainest vehicle everyday. And before taking a bus, inquiry circuitry, how to take a car, also be very the thing of loaded down with trivial details. Many citizens express, inquiry of traditional map of plane of public transportation circuitry rises to be bothered quite, additional, a few public transportation circuitry happen change, and these maps are impossible to be made immediately amend, consequently not quite convenience. Phone inquiry is relatively convenient, but not quite economy. “ takes a car to just spend one yuan, call ask a public transportation circuitry to also can be spent sometimes on one yuan, honest too wasteful. ” is engaged in the Xiaohuang that sale works saying.

Map of public transportation electron can resolve “ big talk better the problem of everybody that take a car. Center of information of material of mapping of Hainan of bureau of ” country mapping says about chief. Introduce according to this controller, inquire the difficult problem of the information such as circuit to solve a citizen to take a bus, from this year the Spring Festival begins, center of information of Hainan mapping material organizes a staff member, all guidepost, course, public transportation to big talk site have statistic, up to now, relevant data has been finished, electronic map makes a success basically already, be in at present debug level, bottom of this month in and month out will give on Hainan map net announce.

According to big talk the relevant personnel that make introduces map of public transportation electron, the big talk that is about to appear is public transportation electronic map, have convenient, comprehensive, accurate, human nature to change wait for a characteristic. Inquire means diversification, offer citizen alternative: Can input the name of public transportation course, if input “37 road ” , so count; of be clear at a glance to be able to input start and the terminus that should arrive about the travel course of 37 cars, site that passes on the way and kilometer, so about this the bus line of all associate with, classics is overmuch between two sites little site, whole journey has the information such as how many kilometer to be able to show; to be able to input him seat entirely the name of the site around, can inquire a few buses are passed from this site.
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