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Hainan of summer camp of youth of comptatriots of Taiwan divides battalion to op

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Our newspaper big talk on July 5 dispatch (Lin Bin of reporter Wu Liang's reporter) this afternoon, run of branch of Hainan of summer camp of youth of comptatriots of Taiwan was in countrywide stage couplet 2008 Hainan Normal University opens battalion.

Couplet of stage of heretofore whole nation ran 23 summer camp successfully already, current summer camp still with according to legend of “ dragon arteries and veins, green China ” gives priority to a problem, aim to enhance cross-strait brethren especially young generation is right China 5000 the understanding of culture, the spirit of the culture of inheritance dragon, dragon, strengthen cross-strait brethren to be the same as article is akin, be the same as source, blood with the root thick concern at the close affection of water. This summer camp shares 21 provinces city to participate in conduct an activity, assemble battalion of youth of 1300 comptatriots of Taiwan member.

Those who attend Hainan to divide battalion is to come from Taiwan screen east 29 teachers and students that teach a college, they will be passed at coming 10 days on July 5 with Hainan Normal University communication of teachers and students, visiting tourist attraction, visit a series of activities such as stage endowment enterprise, experience cross-strait brethren's same culture source, know the success of motherland mainland modernization.

Qiu Dequn of minister of battle of all of vice-chairman of province the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, provincial Party committee attended to open battalion ceremony.

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