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Big talk yesterday holds action business to recommend in Hong Kong meeting 6 bil

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Attend Hainan of “ special zone, business chance is infinite ——2008 Hainan (Hong Kong) the delegacy of big talk city of ” of week of economic and trade activity holds big talk to enrol business in Hong Kong international exhibition center special recommend meeting. Fang Xiaoyu of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, standing vice-governor, couplet does Wang Bingxin of economic ministry minister in, chief is attended related famous entrepreneur of partial Hong Kong and big talk city. Recommend can defend by Hong Kong phoenix inspect famous compere Wu Xiaoli to take on emcee. Xu Tang of mayor of big talk city made gist make a speech first.
Xu Tang introduced the investment climate of big talk and development advantage above all first. Delegacy of city of “ big talk is in 2008 Hainan (Hong Kong) the job enrolling business of week of economic and trade activity obtained positive result of plentiful and substantial, sign about 12 projects in all, contract amount achieves 35.5 billion RMB, these projects are harbor endowment perhaps has harbor endowment background entirely. As Hainan economy fly, big talk front is being faced once in a blue moon opportunity, we invite each Hong Kong friend sincerely to come travel of big talk sightseeing invests be a guest, we will provide the most excellent service. ” Xu Tang says first.
According to introducing, big talk and all along of collaboration of trade of Hong Kong classics are close together, begin from 1988, big talk becomes the heat area that Hong Kong invests, end at present, the harbor in big talk endowment the enterprise obtains many 4500 business, accumulative total investment reachs 4 billion dollar.

Big talk city makes an appointment with main item general view in harbor autograph yesterday

Garden of ” of industry of land of one province or county enlosed by that of another of lion mountain “
Garden area is located in southwest of big talk city 9 kilometers manage central line of ministry sea Yu, be apart from big talk downtown 15 kilometers. Industrial garden differentiates to wait for area for food drink area, rigid division, electron area, information of key development environmental protection, electron and new-style dress treatment, food, pack wait for an industry. Garden area amounts to 5100 mus with ground area, can introduce 50 invest construction into garden area to 60 industry business, total investment makes an appointment with 8 billion yuan.

Area of garden of cereal of big talk medicine 2 period
Be located in big talk country inside development of estate of new and high technology. Garden area can use land surface to accumulate 3000 mus, can introduce the production of about 30 medicine, research and development, enterprise that pack and the business of of all kinds industry that accord with national industry policy to enter garden, total investment makes an appointment with 5 billion yuan. At present already ten enterprises enter garden, invest many yuan 20.
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