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Banner of Chifeng City Weng build the Golden Triangle to create high-quality tou

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In recent years, Chifeng City, the tourism industry relies on the flag Weng resources, adhere to the scientific planning, integration and increasing efforts to develop tourism resources, build a red lantern Lake --- --- Yulong River Sand Lake Tourism "Golden Triangle", to create quality tourist attractions and unique tourism brand to promote rapid and healthy development of tourism in the whole flag. Adhere to the scientific planning, integration of tourism resources. Relying on the unique customs, combined with unique natural scenery and rich resources of the desert, the formation of sightseeing, leisure, vacation in one of the Jade Dragon Sand Lake Tourist Area and the Gan desert tourism; with red lanterns Creek Lake tourist area and tourist areas mainly the formation of mountain grassland recreation and waterfront leisure and tourism resort area; the Hongshan culture, and the Khitan Liao culture as the basis to form a set of scientific exploration, adventure, sightseeing in one of the Yulong Mountain Leaves Sand Lake Tourist Area and eco-tourism area; to Wudan town-based, relying on Temple of the Vatican were to form a set of folk experience, religion and culture in one of the tourist area of folk religion, the holiday, prairie wind, folk culture, desert scenery, combined with the Dragon cultural tours, and vigorously promote national food , cultural tourism, water recreation, downstream drift, self-driving and camping tourism, adventure tourism product development and other expedition, raising the overall area to form a day trip day tour routes. Improvement of infrastructure, and build the tourism system. Red Lake around the building --- --- Dragon Lantern Creek Sand Lake tourist routes, focusing on strengthening the three scenic construction. All flags will be included in tourism traffic traffic network construction, docking lines of tourism attractions. Growing tourism support services, to carry out tourist hotels, specialty restaurants, recreational projects, fostering consumer hot, stimulating tourism consumption. Sand Lake Tourist Area Yulong investment 40 million yuan this year to complete the food service facilities, the construction of landscape gate, visitor center and other tourist facilities, entertainment facilities to increase investment, the purchase of the desert surfing car, hot air balloons, live entertainment devices such as CS; Red Lake area based on the "Red Lake Tourism Development Master Plan", purchasing and storage development and construction of tourist sites, accelerate the improvement of tourism services, strengthen the construction of tourism facilities, investment 400 million yuan to implement scenic pier, shelter, parking and other infrastructure , the purchase of boats, assault boats, motor boats and a number of entertainment facilities; Lantern Creek area and improved public services and facilities, business services in the areas designated tourist area, tourist services, private cars and decorating Hippodrome. Accelerated resource development, build tourism brand. Dig tourism culture in the "Dragon" Dragon of land --- Sand Lake Tourist Area to create "the first Chinese Dragon" brand, expanding tourism and cultural connotation, extension of the desert tourist attractions. Strongly promote quality tourism resources, create "Asia's largest sand ring group" brand. The amount of the ring of sand East is the largest group of the ring of sand base, as the Lions travel fist flag brand to protect, and develop a good, better promotion. Well-designed high-end tourism products, to create "the best tourist destination" brand. Mining local ethnic characteristics, fully reflect the cultural characteristics of ethnic minorities a long, prominent in the folk customs in the tourist highlights. With the Lions flag and supporting tourism infrastructure capabilities are maturing, the reception capacity and service quality gradually improved, expanding industry, industry agglomeration effects continue to appear, Weng flag tertiary industry will lead the tourism industry, boost economic and social development.

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