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Xianning City Tourism Festival awards ceremony held at the General Assembly

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Yesterday, Xianning Spa grand opening of the second session of the International Cultural Tourism Festival awards ceremony concluded, a comprehensive summary of the results section will be in recognition of advanced models, carry forward the spirit to do section, and further boost morale and inspire people's enthusiasm for the city Morale, and promote better and faster economic and social development of the city. Party Secretary Huang Chuping made an important speech at the meeting, Mayor Ren Zhenhe summary report for the Tourism Festival. City leaders Ding Xiaoqiang, Zhou Caijuan, Shejia Ju, Si-Yu Lin, Li-Shan Hu, Hu Jianhua, Chen Shulin, Wang Yuanhe, Liu Navy, Kim Wong, Counterattack spirit, paint Wei, Huang Honggui, Chen Yu, mountain side, Zou Ji-Zhou, town square pine, Advocating, Luochuan Yong, Ren Zhouheng Xianning Economic Development Zone of China, attended the meeting the Lord. Huangchu Ping said that the success of the second session of the Tourism Festival held so Xianning tourism industry into a new era; Xianning further expand the visibility, reputation and influence; and further promote the city landscape, city Significantly enhance the city image; further demonstrate the Xianning cadres of doing big things, great things the ability and level; further stimulated the masses great enthusiasm entrepreneurship Director; made a series of new economic and theoretical results For the early completion of the E'nan Jingjijiangshi provide a strong protection. Huangchu Ping pointed out that the second session of the International Cultural Tourism Festival in spring left a lot of useful insight: clear objective, a prominent theme and distinct features is the section will be the foundation of success; scientific planning, programming, steady progress is the Festival will A prerequisite for success; the overall situation, division of labor, close coordination will be key to success is the section; attention to detail, excellence, the pursuit of perfection is the driving force festival will be successful; security and stability, good plan, prevention and control is the science section will become Power protection. Huangchu Ping stressed the need to further the spirit of the festival run throughout the round to promote scientific development and building a great practice E'nan Jingjijiangshi, seize the opportunity and momentum, the positive outcome of consolidating and expanding the office section, efforts to promote salt Rather better and faster economic development. To make careful arrangements, carefully organize the Fifth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth Party spirit of study and implementation of activities; should the guidance of the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session, the scientific establishment "second Five-Year" plan; to be in accordance with the City Construction of three of nine plenary sessions and committee E'nan Jingjiqiangshi arrangements for the third symposium, urban and rural development, efforts to promote new urbanization, urban-rural integration; to fight in the fourth quarter, the year objectives and tasks to ensure the successful completion of ; Efforts to solve the problem of people's livelihood, to solve the problem masses and maintain social harmony and stability; must conscientiously party building, continue to thoroughly carry out a good "A Good" activities. Renzhen He pointed out that the festival will be a success, so Xianning city charm, energy and entrepreneurial drive came alive again in the development of splendor, has won full recognition of the leadership at all levels, a chorus of praise celebrities, the majority of the general public good Comment. Tourism Festival held second to rebuild the section will be the brand and raise the quality of the city, preheat the industrial quality. Review Festival will host the process is most worthy of close attention of superior leadership, at all levels of the overall situation. The most prized is the dedication and hard work of cadres at all levels, the general public's enthusiastic support. The most gratifying is the organizing committee of the logistics science, sophisticated operation of the working groups. Departments at all levels should strive to do the current work For the "Eleventh Five-Year" successful ending, twelve high-rise to open five to contribute. The meeting commended the 46 advanced units, 13 units of the Special Contribution Award, Award of 17 units and 325 advanced individuals.

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