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Ten regional tourism co-operation of Guangdong and Guangxi held joint

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November 24 to 25, the twelfth of Guangdong and Guangxi ten regional tourism cooperation held its first meeting in the North Sea. The joint meeting sponsored by the Beihai City. Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Rui Wang attended the meeting and speech. First Deputy Mayor Peter Lo led his unit, the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the city is responsible for all travel agencies and scenic attractions such as a dozen people who attended the meeting. Ten regional tourism co-operation of Guangdong and Guangxi joint initiative in Maoming City, the establishment of a Regional Tourism Cooperation Organization, the Pan-PRD regional cooperation, a specific practice, the aim is to achieve integration of Guangdong and Guangxi regional tourism market together to create high-quality tourist routes. Ten regional tourism co-operation of Guangdong and Guangxi since its inception, the full use and play to their strengths, the joint promotion, establish a unified brand image and regional tourism, tourism investment, training and communication, tourism, security mechanisms, so has made significant achievements, the impact and visibility is improving, as a regional tourism cooperation. At the joint meeting, in order to regional tourism cooperation to a new level, the Conference invited the Research Office, the image of Hainan University, Professor Xu Guoding Speaker tourism project "brand marketing and image plan." And the fine city of Guangdong and Guangxi ten tourist attractions form the two major tourist routes, the "city of Guangdong and Guangxi ten religious culture and natural landscapes custom tour, Ten City, Guangdong, Guangxi and border style coastal leisure travel," two lines south and the north as a co-promotion of quality on the tourist routes in the joint promotion. Focus on promotion of the city are two scenic cities in the West Bay area and the tourist island of scenic spots in Beijing. The meeting decided that the next joint meeting sponsored by the Zhanjiang City. In the North Sea during the period, delegates also visited the state 4A level scenic spots Weizhou.

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