Limited company of travel agent of the duty in Hainan [class A of management of

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Company brief introduction
Limited company of travel agent of the duty in Hainan, have the omnibus joint stock company of the right of administration such as development of resource of travel agent, travel, hotel management. The company is in the office that big talk town's most bustling mart has 800 square metre to belong company property right, the administrative team that has essence of senior course of study, case to defend reputation the tourist guide team with 80 more than person and well-trained masterly skill more than 100 people. The conference is the group of large travel special train that welcomes 500 people above for many times, round, year welcome a visitor 10 much person-time, it is one of has actual strength travel companies with Hainan not much amount to (20 powerful travel agent) . It is Hainan province by Hainan of national unit —— province federation of trade unions controls a travel company with share of business operator individual the first. The company executes a board of directors to head next centralized government (unite sales promotion of office, unified human affairs, unified plan attune, unified finance affairs, unified conduct propaganda namely) with the mode that manages by different levels to be united in wedlock. The standard that has modern business management already and dimensions are changed, have the flexibility that the enterprise manages again, it is a travel company that is full of opportunity of survival and vigor.
Sincere letter is life, quality it is to assure, we abide by genuine cooperation, abide by again justice, excellent service, the tenet of mutually beneficial mutual benefit, cooperate hand in hand with all circles friend, joint development.

Hainan line of A of 5 days of 4 late processional Cheng

The first day of big talk is received machine, view and admire scenery of big talk city
Visit — of Hainan mother river the following day the — of continuously clear big talk of river of tropics of bath of float of balsa of bamboo of river of 10 thousand springs is flourishing, the car sees statue of gules detachment of women; Visit forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle, watch the river that includes Jinisi the record, river, lake, sea to hand in collect place and river space scene of beach of jade belt of — of peninsula of the most long and narrow beach, the camp of seedling of village of goosefoot of — of minority amorous feelings that Hainan spy visits to have on the way after, good car heads for — of China's biggest overseas Chinese farm to promote farm of grand overseas Chinese, view and admire flourishing heavy intertropical arboretum, garden of Asian amorous feelings, hot spring of free in the evening bubble or admire red actor song and dance at one's own expenses. Live: Bath of flourishing — free hot spring
China is headed for after the 3rd day of breakfast most littoral city —— of Na Duan 3 inferior.
Flourishing — 3 inferior the house of visiting pearl culture, formation that visits crystal of crystal factory, understanding and treatment process, beauty spot of the remotest corners of the earth of the brim ” of the end that visits “ day, sea, Na Tianyi column, before southward culture center — watchs hill buddhism the world's highest Nanhai avalokitesvara, pray blessing is in good health and macrobian. Later sample freely Hainan name dish, watch tea art show, dinner can sample seafood gust eat. Live: 3 inferior
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