Limited company of travel agent of Hainan dragon travel

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Limited company of travel agent of Hainan dragon travel fastens Hainan to omit tourism bureau sanction, classics Hainan saves bureau of industrial and commercial administration to register, the lawful travel company of bail of quality of travel of pay of full specified amount.
Our company travel by Hainan many industry elite that is engaged in travel agent management for a long time organizes the group. Have a batch of well-trained, seasoned, tourist guide teams that obtain letter of qualification of national tourist guide and 12 agency; Have advanced communication equipment and good office requirement, reach each with motorcade of restaurant of railroad, passenger transport, civil aviaton, hotel, travel relevant section built friendly, close cooperation to concern, have stronger form a delegation ability and ability giving a bill.
Our company are organized meticulously and recieve Chinese citizen to make an on-the-spot investigation in sightseeing travel of home, business affairs, recreational go vacationing, and activity of conference of of all kinds business affairs, learning; Still begin at the same time medicinal powder the guest is recieved, fragmentary entrust, era books guest room, do sth for sb the business such as car, boat, airline ticket.
Limited company of travel agent of Hainan dragon travel will continue as always to hold to “ guest consummate, excellent service, credit the first, the management tenet of ” of small profits but quick turnover, the accredit of travel agent of brother of each district of redound whole nation and support, provide all-around excellent service for new old client wholeheartedly.

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