Hainan silver tells travel agent limited company

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Company brief introduction
Hainan silver tells travel agent limited company (license number: L-HAN-GN00101) , sum pays quality earnest money, can run domestic travel business directly. Offer sightseeing travel, business affairs travel, offer eat, live, swim, buy, amusement one continuous line serves. At the same time management generation orders airline ticket of aviation of abroad of steamer ticket of hotel, car, international, hire the business such as the car.
The company still owns business of a management travel old, the administrator team with superior quality, have best business relation net with guesthouse, hotel, motorcade and each province travel agent, most the ticket Wu of firm assures and the most competitive airline ticket discount. Unswerving holds to Wu of “ excellent newspaper, sincere letter to be the tenet of this ” , offer complete sincerity for travel agent, to the be apt to, service that reachs the beauty, the support that we expect to get industry colleague and personage of social all circles are like afterwards to go to and care, keep abreast of hand in hand with you, achieve tourism happiness to did not come in all.

Communication address: Road of blue sky of city of Hainan province big talk edifice of 33 Beijing boat 1515 rooms ()
Contact: Han Xiuhua
Connect a telephone call: 65370094, 65370095 faxes: 65370093
The email:
Firm network address:

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