Travel agent is taken in Hainan

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Brief introduction of website of big talk travel
Travel agent and Hainan of company of Chinese travel service are taken to save a company in Hainan, it is the state-owend enterprise that Hainan pursues home the earliest travelling. 93, be judged 94 years to be 3 kinds of companies of countrywide by national tourism bureau respectively 30 mix by force 50 strong units, still be awarded ” of unit of example of “ Hainan travel by bureau of Hainan province tourism. 01 year of 00 ~ and 03 year of 02 ~ are saved by Hainan national endowment appoint grant “ title of ” of organization of party of advanced basic level.

Communication address: Road of city sea government office 6 (province travel edifice) 4 buildings (570203)
Connect a telephone call: 65352062 faxes: 65358198
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