Big talk swims every day travel agent limited company

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Big talk swims every day brief introduction of travel agent limited company

Big talk swims every day travel agent limited company establishs for form a complete set of service center of travel of big talk city, it is approval of classics tourism bureau, the domestic travel agent that industrial and commercial bureau registers, license number: L—HAN—GN00207. Basically be engaged in group receive home tourism group, medicinal powder guest travel is recieved wait for service of one continuous line, key management Hainan is recreational travel and home travel, with the special railway line inside the island one day swims, 2 days swim, 3 days swim, 4 days swim, 5 days swim wait for special railway line of He Guilin, Hua Dong to wait for circuitry of many home travel to be characteristic, offer at the same time medicinal powder travel of guest individual event entrusts the business that book a room, drive oneself business, conference is recieved, the tourism Wu such as Wu of acting aviation ticket. It is an efficient, young professional travel agent. The company has the professional group of a high quality, the nearly 1000 business storefront of smooth rice are had in island of pasture of big talk sea. The company devotes oneself to “ to creat character times, advocate ” of sincere letter Hainan, carry out “ to be consumed for nothing obviously from beginning to end, the service concept of happy travel ” , it is a center with client satisfaction from beginning to end, ceaseless promotion firm serves quality. We will provide the service of relaxed and convenient and quick, happy, enthusiastic standard for you.

Communication address: Highway of people of city of Hainan province big talk 45 (Hainan university east on the door) ()
Contact: Gan Yan beautiful
Connect a telephone call: 0898 - 66296666 faxes: 0898 - 66296189
The email:
Firm network address:

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