Limited company of travel agent of holiday of Hainan sea day

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Company brief introduction
Limited company of travel agent of holiday of Hainan sea day is classics Hainan province the domestic travel agent that approval of bureau of industrial and commercial bureau, Hainan province tourism established 1996, register licence name: L-HAN-GN00058. The company acts on “ to win the market, management policy that obtains credit ” with the service with quality, implement modern management and efficient business operation concept, dimensions expands quickly. At present open up the market such as Jinan, Beijing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Ning Bo, Taiyuan, Guangdong, Hangzhou, Hunan, Nanjing, Qingdao, have the major government person with ability with a batch of seasoned, good quality and the tourist guide team of many language, meeting of year of island of Nanhai having the of great capacity serves limited company; Downtown the 300 modern office places of smooth rice, the company recieves a quantity to rise sharply in recent years, was judged to be “ Hainan to save domestic travel agent 2005 20 strong ” .
“ is not begged the biggest, but the management guiding principle that begging optimal ” is us, “ equal mutual benefit, ” of good faith collaboration is our cooperative tenet, “ makes guest satisfactory, begging his to develop ” is us the acceptance to the guest!
Our target: People becomes like letting travel resemble air and water must;
Our principle: Cannot say “ to the market not ”;
Our standard: Excellent service creates perfect travel;
Our spirit: Collective wisdom creates a period;
Our style: Did not wait to act only.
The day holds the post of a bird high to fly, sea broadness swims by you, sea day holiday invites you forever!

Communication address: Road of dragon China of big talk city store A of 29 Long Hua 4 buildings ()
Contact: Wen Yinghua
Connect a telephone call: 66534080 66534070 fax: 66534060
The email:

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