Limited company of travel agent of the duty in Hainan [class A of management of

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Afternoon tourist attraction: Intertropical zoology airport, marine mangrove, hundred years very tall tree, the bank watchs sea floor to establish a place of business, grandparent and grandchild pulls hand banyan, unripe oyster breeds base, music mouth dinner, the car sees big bridge of city fining jade, 10 thousand green garden come loose round;

Golf of periphery of big talk city swims one day

One east hill golf club activity of mountain of 18 holes fruit
Clubs of 2 Na Lihu golf activity of mountain of 18 holes fruit
Club of 3 big golf activity of mountain of 18 holes fruit
Golf meets 4 Na Yan bays activity of mountain of 18 holes fruit
Above activity includes cost of mountain of 18 holes fruit, service fee, include fare, lunch cost. (caddie, storage battery car and fee provide for oneself)

Home swims high-quality goods circuitry
Beijing capital swims 5 days

1 big talk flies to Beijing by — airliner — , visit the Temple of Heaven (do not contain pray year hall) , enamel factory. Live: Beijing
Square of 2 You Tianan door, memorial hall, the Imperial Palace, jing Shan, unfulfilled wish of emperor sections of a city close to the city wall, respectful Wang Fu (entrance ticket provides for oneself) . Live: Beijing
3 swim the Great Wall 8 Da Ling, wang Qicheng or read extensively city, decide hill, preserved fruit factory, exterior of Ya Yun Cun, well of king government office shops, dong Hua door is fastfood street swing. Live: Beijing
4 visit army rich, crystal house, the Summer Palace (contain visiting appearance Xiu) , outer door scene of China world world, exterior of central television tower, world of Pacific Ocean sea floor (entrance ticket provides for oneself) live: Beijing
The swing after 5 breakfast, appoint time — to assemble by the tourist guide, by — airliner flying big talk arrives at car of airliner of involution of airport of United States orchid to return city inside, travel ends.
Shanghai, nanjing, without stannum, suzhou, hangzhou 5 city swim 6 days
1 big talk appoints place — to center, the sea is flown on when taking — airliner — , go to Suzhou, you Hu grave, take garden, cold hill temple, silk fashion show. Live: Suzhou
2 go to without stannum, swim area of situation of city of the Three Kingdoms, multiply too performance of “ of historical novel of the Three Kingdoms of “ of lake boat view, have a good swim by archaize warship of a Guang Haosen too lake, go to Nanjing, you Qinhuai scene, ramble master shrine shopping centre. Live: Nanjing
3 swim Zhongshan hill, area of scene of presidential government office, warm garden, clear government office of two rivers governor, museum of history of the Republic of China, go to Hangzhou. Live: Hangzhou
4 You Ling concealed fly peak, day of a gleam of, dragon Well tea asks tea, west lake, watch 3 pools to imprint month, filar silk, along Qiantang Jiang Guanliu adds up to tower outer door scene, go to Shanghai. Live: Shanghai
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