Limited company of travel agent of the duty in Hainan [class A of management of

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5 swim town god's temple, you Napu big bridge, pudong east bright phearl reachs a scene shot on location of Jin Mao edifice, river bottom channel, yellow riverside park, outside beach, nanjing route goes on foot street. Live: Shanghai
After 6 breakfast, the swing inside city, airport of United States orchid is reached when taking — airliner — , take the airport at one's own expenses the bus returns city inside, tourism travel ends /

Kunming, dali, li Jiang swims 6 days

1 big talk / Kunming, freedom lives: Kunming
2 stone forest swim one day: Jin Peng is volant, sword peak pool, double bird is seized feed, knife by a sea of fire, a Shima, dali comes by train after dinner. Live: On the train
Yacht of sea of 3 Dali Er, 3 tea song and dance, gu Cheng, foreigner street, feeling connect cableway. Live: Dali
4 Dali car arrives Li Jiang, street of all directions of — of beautiful Jianggu city, hei Longtan park. Live: Li Jiang
Snow mountain of 5 Li Jiangyu dragon, small cableway of dragon spruce level ground, gan Haizi, bai Shuihe, dongba god garden, yu Shuihan, li Jiang returns Dali, the train returns Kunming. Live: On the train
6 Shang Yihua city, swing, kunming / big talk, travel ends.
Chengdu, channel of 9 stockaded village, the channel that seek the Buddhist nun, jiang Yan swims 5 days
1 big talk appoints place — to center, chengdu flies when taking — airliner — , swing. Live: Chengdu
Go to by the car after 2 breakfast channel of 9 stockaded village, admire scene of Min river two sides and — of seismic unfulfilled wish to fold brook lake to appreciate Tibet on the way, amorous feelings culture, gu Zhenchuan of loose Pan of — of overlook history ancient city advocate long march of temple Red Army is monumental, mouth of late low channel. Live: Channel of 9 stockaded village
3 breakfast, take environmental protection car to enter world natural heritage area of scene of channel of 9 stockaded village, channel of round-the-clock Youjiu stockaded village, watch multicoloured pool, pearl beach chute 5 beautiful seas, panda sea, lens sea, the day of Nuo of “ of “ world cloudland such as strawberry long sea bright chute, tree chute, lie Long Hai, scintilla sea, the absolutely beautiful scene such as bulrush sea. Live: Channel of 9 stockaded village
After 4, breakfast, area of scene of You Mouni channel, the throughout the country's biggest calcification chute — ties fall.
Live: Luxuriant county
After 5, breakfast, return Chengdu by the car, river of road edge Min, overlook Jiang Yan water conservancy project, admire all the way plain on the west Campagna scene, show by the tourist guide how dot is centered. Seize the opportunity to return big talk, the end is itinerary
Limited company of travel agent of the duty in Hainan
2 OO7 year on July 3

Communication address: City sea excellent way mansion of trade of 12 10 thousand nations 161 (570206)
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