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View of big the East China Sea is seen after the 4th day of breakfast, swim having “ is not Hawaiian be better than of Hawaiian ” good name 3 inferior — big talk inferior scene of Long Wan beach, long, its coasting compares blue sky of appreciation blue sea, sanded Bai Tan Hawaiian beach still grows 5 kilometers, sample Hainan Yingzhou gust, ascend Hainan — of the first hill east mountain ridge, later visiting Hainan local speciality. Live: Big talk
Machine of evacuation of the 5th day of breakfast, the end is happy and itinerary.

Hainan line of B of 5 days of 4 late processional Cheng

The first day of big talk is received machine. Live: Big talk
Look around the following day east slope academy of classical learning, understand Su Dongpo to reach contribution in the place of Hainan; Visit chiliad old saline, experience old saline culture; Visit foreign riverside harbor, heat makes two courtyards arboretum, experience natural oxygen, visiting stone spends water hole. Live: La Yang or Dan city
The 3rd day looks around south hill buddhism culture encloseds ground for growing trees, the remotest corners of the earth has a good swim size the East China Sea (phreatic water provides for oneself) , appreciate the tea art performance, joy that experiences tea, evening can experience cure of hot spring fish at one's own expenses, achieve healthy beauty skin to remove fatigue good effect. Live: 3 inferior
The world of the 4th day of ramble — of the first bay inferior Long Wan beach, experience “ east the intertropical seaside amorous feelings of Hawaiian ” , visit reveal Hainan the stockaded village of goosefoot village seedling of primitive people amorous feelings, choice seafood house samples freely all sorts of fish food, enter the beauty that enjoys ethereal world praise — of holiday resort of travel of bubble hot spring hot spring of park of forest of country of mountain of 7 celestial being goes vacationing area. Live ethereal world selva goes vacationing hotel (bath of free and natural hot spring)
The 5th day of Hainan — of the first hill east mountain ridge, have ancient time rub feature of culture of cliff carved stone, have again include good and invocatory blessing land, forum of Asia of visiting rich a huge legendary turtle, multiply beach of row jade belt. The car sees statue of detachment of women of red of river of 10 thousand springs, supermarket of visiting local speciality; End recreational travel, big talk sends machine.

Hainan 4 days of 3 evening swim

1, receive machine or boat, the car watchs coconut city beautiful scenery, live: Big talk;
2, forum of Asia of a huge legendary turtle of rich of river of 10 thousand springs;
3, visit square of house of culture of stockaded village of seedling of civilian goosefoot village, pearl, big the East China Sea (phreatic water cost provides for oneself) , the remotest corners of the earth, hill buddhism culture encloseds ground for growing trees south:
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