Food of characteristic of big talk old the city zone

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Ramble big talk, have big talk. 51 ” of “ arrived, no matter be the Hainan person that rests in the home, still be the tourist that come from afar, eat the ” of important “ program that is leisure long holiday. Old the city zone regards big talk as the most flourishing heartland, characteristic is delicate dotted, let full the luck to eat sth delicious of this locality National People's Congress, foreigner tastes fresh.

■ fixed position: 8 kitchen road

Area feature: Pure Hainan chaffy dish

Click enlarge: 8 kitchen road takes distributinging move inn of chaffy dish of nearly 10 Hainan, the various content such as meat of lacteal sheep, beef, rabbit is all ready. Chaffy dish flavour is delicate, shang Shui is delicious and goluptious. Every arrive to curtain of night, 35 friends round Hainan short round-table, the edge eats chaffy dish edge to chat, extremely carefree.

■ fixed position: Yi Longdong road

Area feature: Bao young is unripe roll congee

Click enlarge: The Bao son that justice dragon road takes is unripe roll congee, include congee of bowel of congee of lean lean of egg of congee of columbine congee, crab congee, slices of fish meat, frog congee, skin, pink etc. One boiler is unripe roll pigeon congee to be able to have full a pigeon, delicious raise again colour!

■ fixed position: New civilian the road is taken on the west

Area feature: Sirlon meal, pig foot meal gathers together

Click enlarge: Every arrive have a meal time, dot of small vendor's stand of sirlon meal, pig foot meal places fleshy boiler in shop foremost face, two caldron are boiling sirlon, one is burning pig foot, an aroma douse of a hold up person is in sky.

■ fixed position: Seaside park

Area feature: Charcoal bakes unripe oyster

Click enlarge: Should eat truly on already petty gain gives birth to oyster freshly again, must go to seaside park. A dish dish of reeky end giving birth to oyster come up, garlic is sweet mixing oyster is sweet, still have sweet smell of carbon of a silk. The flesh with unripe oyster soft pink enters the mouth almost character namely dissolve, how a little word Oh!

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