Qing Dynasty of big talk food taken late at night fills cool: When charm encount

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Coconut grandma Qing Dynasty fills cool

Do not think the food taken late at night of big talk is the thing of some of warm, actually big talk person enrages summer most the food taken late at night of flourishing is Qing Dynasty fills cool. Xia Ye, in roadside small feed a bowl of Qing Dynasty is drunk to fill on booth cool, qing Chun's flavor however all the more melting and goluptious, cool cool all the time bright appears a bottom of the heart. 

In Hainan, this is the little drink with the commonnest summer, resemble northward eight treasures congee a bit. Mingled coco water sometimes, good drink the coco Qing Dynasty that relieves inflammation or internal heat again to fill cool, drink rise more show lasting appeal long, allegedly coconut grandma Qing Dynasty fills cool it is before last is tasted! Coco Qing Dynasty fills cool practice is come out coco water first, go up with iced; Cut coconut tree again two half, blow coconut meat carefully come out, blow put in the coco water that comes out beforehand. Make coco Qing Dynasty fill cool coco can have greatly exquisite, old be no good, tender also be no good, coconut tree became old the flesh is met thick hard, chew do not move; tender the flesh is met again too thin, also do not have the faint scent with peculiar coco, only those are carried through essence of life fine chosen coconut tree, blow the fleshy ability that come out to eat piece the sort of slip again, tender, it is certain to have chew a head, the mouthfeel that still withholding coconut flesh aroma comes.

Someone says a bowl of Qing Dynasty fills cool the picture that is a rock. Color admires in slightly make public beauty in implicit inside of collect clear. The bitter fleabane of the macaroni that bright red jujube, long and thin turn moves, Mi Bai comes loose is the color of a kind of leap like …… of egg of agaric flower, bean, watermelon, quail, the eye looks at the charm that is it infatuate, in drinking a mouth lung of relaxed however thorough. 

A bowl of Qing Dynasty fills although cool member is much, egg of very good red still jujube, quail and agaric are beautiful, other also match with respect to embellish and reluctance, not so it is OK also to eat attentively, and that bean, some are hard, chew rising is not big read smoothly eventually. Watermelon is unavoidable it is redundant, and do not say luxury, what need soup fluid only because of here is sweet, the pink of quail egg is soft goluptious, enough, good be in its simple.

This still does not calculate, add into the gram that has boiled beforehand, ormosia, the seed of Job's tears, lotus seed, macaroni, groundnut, columbine egg or quail egg even in coco water. Still one kind calls Yi of “ wax gourd ” east, growing basically is a straight classics 1 centimeter translucent small cylinder, chew rise of QQ, slip slippery, very bouncy, still have little sweet, there is little to resemble the pearl in pearl tea with milk on the feeling, it is good that nevertheless mouthfeel can compare pearl much much!
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