Big talk is fastfood alvine pink

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Alvine pink is southern a kind of characteristic is fastfood, because of bowel of pig of be similar in shape, also someone calls pink bowel (Cantonese is called pull bowel) , anyhow how how does read smoothly cry! In Hainan, besides in wineshop, alvine pink because price economy (in 1.5-3 yuan differ) , very welcome.

Bowel is like snow in vain, thin be like paper, glossy is ablaze, sweet slip goluptious. The practice of alvine pink is rice oar park tailor-made multilayer steam box medium or the evaporate on cloth becomes pellicle, asperse on fresh shrimp meat, strip of evaporate ripe roll into, the dish on clipping. Clip is put into the mouth together, shelled fresh shrimps tastily, alvine pink plays a tooth.

Alvine pink always is concealed in the depth of lane, alleged wine is sweet do not be afraid of alley child deep, big talk justice starts the small shop that there are a few to make a living in order to run evaporate bowel white in the street. The alvine pink that evaporate of place of inn of pink of these a few bowel gives, make your entrance unforgettable certainly, return discomfort to taste.

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