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Speak of big talk city to liberate on the west the person that with new Hua Lu the pig foot meal of roundabout assentations is most. Can saying here is old street, but the business is particularly good. Arrive everyday have a meal time, can be the guest is like the cloud to come over there.

Normally fleshy boiler is to be put in shop of foremost side position, two caldron are boiling sirlon, one is burning pig foot. Fire issues lukewarm Wen Tun to swallow the ground to be being burned in boiler, it is an aroma douse of a hold up person in sky. Inn-keeper aunt or little younger sister always are carrying a very shallow fan mouth bowl, with small spoon from a meal is filled inside huge pot, go to breathe out again before the fleshy boiler that verbose of part of speech is rolling. Want the word of pig foot meal, in good meal of jacket of shallow mouth bowl, do foot of one spoon pig to carry even boiling water fleshy ground to irrigate, arrived with respect to end before you. Attentive and when understanding Hainan little younger sister sees you take an in part, total very can optional ground serves a bowl of clear soup, natural whats are done not have in that soup, but drink rise extremely clear however opening, can solve fitly fat. (the window that above comes from Hainan)

Have pig foot meal not carefully a little with work in the same placing today, which know this topic to send irremediable, everybody signs up for went up the place to go that oneself admire in the heart. A cat also feels big to fly ear group, had looked this person should be not little, collected the place that work in the same placing provide so, everybody can consult ~

1, the pig foot meal on the side of travel of worker worker of government office city (by teenage palace)

Speak of this, the person that assentation is most. It is allegedly make from a bungalow, reach 5 present buildings. Arrive everyday have a meal time, still be the guest is like the cloud to come over there. Favour, remember a thing: One good friend goes to work all right in the labour on the side. Once her BF and she goes to this eating lunch together, look at lively scene, say to my good friend: “ business is really good, favour, perhaps where day gives the Na Donglou of your bank buy! ”

2, seaside new residential quarter (going in to be controlled 200 meters to the crossing of boundless blessing grand)

Favour, having impressional is this pig foot it is very big together!

3, the crossroad of the road austral civilized road and humanitarian (two oh)

These two histories are allegedly long, favour, a cat had not been tasted, do not say to give a the reason why to come so.

4, east the door and on the west the door

The pig foot meal of these two places is counted deeply more, the opinion is not quite unified.
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