The clever hill pink with very famous big talk

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It is very famous that clever hill pink should say to visit big talk town in Hainan. The most authentic still press down in clever hill of course, so a few weeks can kill my every other have the clever hill white over there to clever hill. Be in a few days ago of the friend guide pink of hill of a very authentic spirit discovers in town of seat of government of big talk city, recommend to everybody in this.

[place] in the market on Party school of grade of red city lake, among inn of a breakfast, very good search.

[consume] bowl of 3 yuan of / , those who comparative is substantial.

Here at ordinary times business hours is not very long. Controlled at 11 o'clock to midday all the time in the morning sell. Bloat have meal and fine white two kinds, still have river pink and Yi side. Sort is not much, but olfactory is good truly.

What I like most is over there the meal that bloat, say according to the friend the boss is clever hill person, can take one basket meal from clever hill every morning, sell did not have, character is absolutely and authentic.

Shrimp already scamper is gotten very fragile, it is OK that gangmaster bite off eats directly. Used fresh river shrimp, taste very marvellous.

Soup is simple Hai Baishang, added the salt with slight drop, without gourmet powder, when eating, should bilk the sea inside. Chopped green onion is scattered now, want to put fragrance a little while to just can come out.

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