Carbon of big talk cate bakes unripe oyster

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Big talk almost each barbecue garden stock, just burn a law differ, flavour also with respect to each different.

When eat unripe oyster with the friend, can drink bit of small wine in the main, pare a few give birth to oyster, touch a few cups, talk about a few life topics that do not pass wind month, far close, remember it seems that approach collect come over. Had eaten the flesh with unripe oyster soft pink to pledge, sensory person is a little dizzy also heavy, after wine is giving birth to oyster, always be can ecbolic a certain inspiration and mood, that night, morpheus also is special to one's heart's content is sweet certainly.

Eat in barbecue garden because of major moment, the edible procedure of unripe oyster is relatively simple. When sending, unripe oyster shows two valve to run from opposite directions mostly, oyster flesh is clingy at the same time, there always is a few to wait for the juice that divide evenly mixes all sorts of condiment by makings of all sorts of ginger, garlic, sauce in oyster carapace, when enjoying, with toothpick slight quake gives birth to oyster root ministry easily, it came out with respect to compliant ground. Dip in Mo of on a few mustard, can appear flavour is more thick alcohol, authentic. Mustard Mo is to must want to dip in some more equably, it is tear wanted choke to come out otherwise.

Say according to adepter friend, about oyster feed a law, basically be Bai Zhuo, Jiang Cong explodes previously, and so on of iron plate, short flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil. Then Jiang Cong explodes, of and so on of iron plate, short flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil feed a law, I do not become aware the move is very interesting, will get former juice former taste as Bai Zhuo, or use oil of Zhi person ox, take taste of sweet thick oyster. Give priority to with Bai Zhuo in the main in barbecue garden, the barbecue garden of alive trade crossing, have blindly Bai Zhuosheng oyster is done extremely cleverly, I am yearned for most. When if mix,the good friend drinks to barbecue garden, the horizontal musical instrument that I always like to nod the sort of hypertrophy gives birth to oyster, make soup copy with Chinese cabbage, bean curd, bacon, feed from time to tome the mouthfeel that a kind of bright slips, bite readily fall, oyster juice horizontal excessive, pledge the abundance of feeling pole. As to uptodate the most popular, it is “ carbon burns unripe oyster ” probably, garlic is sweet mixing oyster is sweet, still have sweet smell of a bit carbon, feed come really Gan Xiang is clinking, deny “ steam ” as to the meeting after feeding, cannot be in charge of so much, anyway big talk everywhere is tea garden cafes.

When edible gives birth to oyster, condiment is cannot of oversight, add sauce ” with “ lemon juice in the main or mustard Mo is given priority to, these sauce makings can make give birth to oyster this taste is less. But a lot of people like to use lemon juice, besides the alga fishy smell that reduces unripe oyster besides OK and moderate land because of lemon juice, the set off in can sneaking away by its faint scent and acid more is born the full-bodied Qing Dynasty with oyster particular place is sweet mouthfeel, of course, if can deserve to go up again the liquor of some of cold clear, but more show meantime true flavour. Do not be afraid of the word of raw meat or fish, need not use too complex sauce surely actually, former juice raw ingredient always can reveal meantime endoplasm more. Be afraid of the person of fishy smell, perhaps can use heating means edible, time is a bit longer, taste riper pretty good also, just must not mask the peculiar flavor that belongs to unripe oyster with rich sauce material.
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