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Picture of columbine congee data

1, the cole of Hainan white congee of Yu Sha village. Cheap material benefit is frank, bilk not tire of
2, the Qing Dynasty of Xin Huana old brand fills soup of miscellaneous noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch of cool, pig
3, the dove congee on municipal government
4, the sirlon meal of justice dragon road, pig foot meal
5, country the crab congee on division garden
6, Hai Xiulu Lv writes down seafood midnight snack
7, type of another name for Guangdong Province of seaside new residential quarter soup of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch of bright fire congee, bright fire
8, the Guangdong of humanitarian road stews handleless cup nourishing delicious
9, the Hainan pink on peaceful cinema.
10, the cole on guesthouse of center fining jade, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch also is done well. Still coco water is drunk!
11, the cole of Yu Sha village, fastfood, the pig blood of general merchandise building and square, river snail is pretty good also, breed is much, substantial!
12, the baking chicken that the country promotes a highway, duck, goose, the most interesting is to bake white eel, those who match conserve oh!
13, sea cultivate road, on outpatient department, late 8: 00~4: 00 authentic ~ hold the congee with sundry ~ of pink of Hainan of collect pink ~ in the arms kind ~ greatly ~ is sweet mere ¥ of sweet a bowl of ~ 3 yuan, still have ~ of ~ yoke Zong additionally all sorts of sweetmeats.
14, the fastfood shop on middle school of hill fining jade eats clear to fill cool, although not be particularly sweet, coconut meat also is not very tender, cool and refreshing still nevertheless, moisture is very much also, be worth to try.
15, the small Cao barbecue before the China along Jiang Sandong road is telegraphic also very on schedul!
16, hold collect pink in the arms, in the restaurant of rich happy chicken of doorway of Party school of provincial Party committee of government office city, very delicious! Pharmaceutical factory of boat Xi Hailing is in south of beautiful chicken restaurant hold Luo Fenye in the arms to became famous!
17, country trade highway southward the direction of big bridge nears end paragraph an edge of 10 words crossing gets on the building that has an unfinished industry, next that's all right is special by day, but arrived to be met in the evening the barbecue with very marvellous savor.
18, government office city money of one horizontal crossing, 5 wool money of white congee of a bowl of big Hainan, 5 wool a cole, 20 rice, one yuan go forth after taking one yuan food taken late at night a freezing large coconut tree.
19, 13 small fish honour, want it is Na Dali hand in the Feng Xiangmei below the bridge to feed a city! The food taken late at night over there it is top-ranking, it has those refreshments in that way like breakfast, especially phoenix claw is particularly then delicious. Although spending is a bit high, but content is worth somewhat!
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