Big talk exceeds seafood of famous music mouth

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Crab picture origin: POCO cate net

Music mouth seafood is the place that should entertain provincial guest to be able to go only, also a lot of people had driven on the weekend the sea will take pausing place. If return inadequacy enough, go to market seeing the difference of 蛿 of music mouth blood and 蛿 of blood of the mouth that be not music, know music mouth seafood is much better. 蛿 of music mouth blood is many jins 20 commonly, 蛿 of blood of the mouth that be not music is a jin to be less than 10 money.

Menu is as follows:

1, crab

About the same a jin, did not remember, flavour is done not have however special go where, cream namely particularly much, but when fat with desk when telling my this crab many 90 money, I wish to break up from inside abdomen reductive return money next, if be to buy pork, can buy more than 10 jins almost, enough I take half month. Aching.

Decoct gives birth to oyster picture origin: POCO cate net

2, decoct gives birth to oyster

Super and beautiful oyster, golden and golden, return old fertilizer, outside Jiao Li is tender. Taste is good, a jin unripe oyster decoct rises seem not much, seemed to want a jin again later

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