Of big talk fastfood

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Flavour works deliciously scoop up Hainan pink

The very simple pink that fry a river, without what makings, but flavour yourself can know.

Boiled red pachyrhizus. Let me remember in one's childhood scene. . .

The article prosperous chicken of Hainan is famous, chicken giblets is very delicate also. Be together special with sweet of the flavour end acerbity Shang Zhiwei fastfood.

Sweet acid cold dish, advocate expecting is small cucumber

This is a hairdressing is fastfood. Clear heat is alexipharmic. Be MM people love most? !

Pumpkin cake also is the characteristic with fastfood big talk. A lot of hotels can be made. But it is different that flavour seems to meet.

The street of big talk, have a lot of pickle the structure of an organization, and the feeling that is flow is very interesting.

   The flavour of Hainan water good river snail is very good also.
   Be like the flavour of some first love? !

This is the small conch that fries with chili. Very of characteristic fastfood.

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