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Big talk - the mart of Hainan

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Big talk shopping guideline

Big talk serves as the mart of Hainan, gathered together the commodity of complete island each district. The large market of big talk increased in recent years a few, besides original Le Pusheng, the 100th goods, unripe unripe general merchandise, still square of DC city, bright phearl, Oriental square waits. Additional, you still can visit market of traditional civilian market trade, return the local customs that can experience place incidentally. Sea beautiful highway is a business street with the busiest big talk, near big talk guesthouse a sector of an area, gathered shops of a lot of Hainan travel souvenir. Among them, decorate exquisite is jeweller's commonly, of special local product of main sale Hainan south bead, crystal, turtle; Also have a lot of local speciality stores, you can buy carve of candy of flourishing coffee, peppery, coco, ox horn, coconut carving to wait for Hainan special local product in this. They are manufacturer sells store continuously commonly, accordingly, the price won't be very high. The textile of amorous feelings of the Li nationality and handicraft have in big market sell, sending the close friends that is in the home to be worthy of is nice gift. Dadongmen the distribution centre that the market is seafood dried food, you can bring back Hainan person to be fond of the red snapper that feed, squid to wait from this.
Still have, did not forget to Bai Longna fruit terminal market goes, …… of honey of the mango of Hainan, pineapple, pineapple, coco, Yang Tao, what but you are in other place,do not taste is delicate. If your gutty word, might as well the king that tastes intertropical fruit- - Durian. Although its odour stimulates smell very much, but taste is really good!
Supermarket of grand of bright phearl square, boundless blessing: Be located in Hai Xiudong road
Storehouse of goods of Tai Longcheng, Great Harmony: Be located in Great Harmony road
New world, austral supermarket new world: Be located in Hai Xiudong road, below rainbow crossover
Oriental square: Be located in dragon China road, city one in inclined on
DC city: Hai Xiudong road
Le Pusheng: Hai Xiudong road, on bright phearl
The 100th: Hai Xiudong road, at the back of Wang Hailou
Give birth to unripe general merchandise: Seaside highway 10 thousand green garden are inclined on
Inferior Wen supermarket: Na Hangdong road, below Na Daqiao crossing
Storehouse of 1000 happy goods: Farming cultivate crossover issues Hai Xiulu, young road, edge of sea pasture island by market of Jiang Sanxi region
Business uses computer wall: Fine jade promote a highway, military region 2 by place

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