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Rare world jewellery---Gong Shanhu

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Habit of our country folk regards coral, pearl, agate and halcyon as gem of 4 big be handed down from ancient times. Have more very person, in quiet day, every 2 the top that tastes government official of civil and military is worn, all be Gong Shanhu to make, those who become official rank position is indicative. In the articles of tribute that dedication of the foreign country on the history gives China the emperor, red coral handicraft is regarded as very precious gift. The adorn such as the costly red coral necklace on the international market, ring, eardrop and breastpin is tasted, the times favour that accepts lady and ladies.

Red coral is not Gong Shanhu certainly
The coral that a lot of people think nature every beauty is lubricious is ” of “ Gong Shanhu, actually the great majority in them is not true Gong Shanhu. Gong Shanhu is coral only in everybody a group of things with common features a very small kind group. Now, the coral with foregone whole world amounts to more than kinds 6000, our country already recorded also be in 400 kinds of above, but true Gong Shanhu only 26 kinds.

Have the following feature as Gong Shanhu:
① skeleton is hard can offer sculpture; ② colour is gorgeous never fade; ③ chemical composition contains tall magnesian calcium carbonate. The coral that can contain female scene with other with this distinguishs, the willow coral that is like common compressed written complaint, lumpish sheng coral contains red. In fact Gong Shanhu's color also has white of Huang Huo of blood red, pink, orange.

Hainan discovers Gong Shanhu
Red coral precious is rare, grow in again abstruse in the ocean of boundless, often have the color with mysterious legend. Want to search Gong Shanhu in boundless and indistinct ocean, fact if look for a needle in the ocean is general, very difficult. In recent years, our country scientist passes tough effort, discovered Gong Shanhu first in our country Nanhai eventually, made significant contribution to abound our country marine resource. But as a result of trade the need that competitive reason and country protect to resource, its are specific producing area still belongs to a secret, but the ambient conditions that place of life of according to red coral needs is clew, in those depth of water tens of rice reach hundreds meters, marine and hard, without surface layer deposit, the sea area with Qing Dynasty of 8—20 ℃ low temperature, low illumination, water, rapid flow, the opportunity that seeks Gong Shanhu to score a success is the greatest.

Red coral invaluable
On the world often content with rare for expensive, gong Shanhu grows because of its slow, life is long, simple firm, color colourful, crop is exiguous and social status is steep add. Study the data shows: Red anthozoan, need to grow 10 to raise up seed of 12 years of ability, anthozoan group grows every year not to exceed 1 centimeter commonly, survive the group of 7 years of above, its main force also is not worth 1 centimeter thick. If can be collected,catch more amount bough the 3 maritime space to group of 10 centimeters of thick Gong Shanhu, just be regarded as to be red coral fishing ground.
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