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Of Hainan " south bead coronal "

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The seawater that Chinese Hainan saves is clear free from contamination, water is warm appropriate, the plankton in water and alga content are very rich, get used to of all kinds shellfish to grow, it is one of main source of Chinese seawater pearl. The pearl that Hainan saves breeds having long history, south producing “ bead ” has grain circle of big, appearance, bead layer thick, burnish the characteristic with strong, high quality. So, hainan pearl enjoys “ Hainan south one treasure ” , “ bead the beauty of coronal ” praise.

Beautiful pearl

Pearl - - pure, perfect indicative, all along is known as ” of “ gem empress. There is “ in the international market on the west bead as east bead, east bead be inferior to south bead the view of ” . Indicate here south bead it is Chinese Nanhai takes producing pearl. Nanhai is one of the four seas of ” of “ Yellow Sea of China, Bohai Sea, the East China Sea, Nanhai, maritime space area kilometer of 3.5 million square. Hainan is saved 3 inferior the deer turns round maritime space is Nanhai most one part of Na Duan, here belongs to climate of intertropical and marine monsoon, water quality is clear, year all air temperature 28C, briny surface temperature is average not under 20C, briny nutrition is rich, the growth that suits pearl shell very much development, more be helpful for breeding a high grade pearl. 1985, the pearl of a briny breed aquatics with Chinese the biggest to this day - - ” of king of “ seawater pearl is born in Hainan. Acute of Wang Fu of secretary-general of association of Hainan gem headgear says to the reporter:

In light of the environment that “ breeds from countrywide pearl, hainan is best. Bureau of Chinese country aquatic product, still academy of sciences of Chinese aquatic product is mixed in hill water in succession 3 inferior the base that establishs experiment of pearl breed aquatics to stand to study body as two, include institute of Hainan aquatic product a few units begin pearl breed aquatics, raise give a batch of bigger white dish Bei Zhu, the pearl with our China the greatest throughout history, be named Chinese pearl king by the country. They raised a likelihood to have thousands of big pearl at that time, included to solve the grow seedlings problem of white dish shellfish and technical problem. ”

Colorful pearl

The field researchs in pearl breed aquatics, hainan province uses advantaged rich, pearl of level of state of applied the Chinese Academy of Sciences breeds a technology, breed high grade seawater pearl, dissociate of “ big nacre was finished to have nacre of Gepu of nuclear pearl and ” of research of artificial grow seedlings, “ after Ceng Xian artificial grow seedlings and the Yo that insert a nucleus bead research ” , “ two belts pearl of ” of section grow seedlings, “ breeds windbreak effect ” to wait for project of great scientific research. Research respect breeds in large pearl, broke Japan to breed technical forestall to big pearl, breed a generation of Chinese, the 2nd generation and pearl of the 3rd acting large seawater early or late. Hainan saved industry of pearl breed aquatics to gain revolutionary headway, the crop of briny pearl increases, quality rises, the market is had rate is higher and higher also. Wang Fu acute says:
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