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The lapidary series of shopping heaven

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Golden act the role ofing is tasted and gem

Golden act the role ofing tastes treatment is the burgeoning industry after Hainan builds a province, have advanced facility at present, technology is fancy, produce per year a quantity 2500 kilogram above, hundreds of kinds of different pattern, it is important to become country golden act the role ofing tastes treatment base, the product sells past Hong Kong and domestic other city of 20 many provinces. In Hainan, room of golden inn gem is very much, tourist but to the top of one's bent choose and buy.

Hainan place produces sapphirine quality admirable, expert opinion is over remote, peaceful. In recent years colour machines all sorts of headgear with advanced equipment, elegance is high. In jeweller's, optional buy the necklace that enchases sapphirine, ring to wait.

Product of briny pearl series

Advocate produce 3 inferior city and hill water county. Temperature of seawater of maritime space of Hainan island periphery free from contamination, marine biology abounds appropriate, fine long hair, the growth that is pearl shell offerred good condition. Especially 3 inferior take with hill water, teem with all sorts of pearl shell, among them Bai Diezhen nacre is our country Nanhai peculiar. Pearl bead is in Hainan to actor or actress character, diameter of the biggest " of " pearl king rice of 15.5 a person of extraordinary powers. Briny pearl adornment has flower of necklace, eardrop, bosom, ring to wait, all craft is glittering and translucent and careful, colorful, and class is all ready. Still have insurable and strong and handsome look additionally and the pearl layer pink with cheaper price.

Natural and crystal goods

Natural and crystal main source is in Hainan collect prosperous county. The mine of crystal of ovine role mountain range of this county measures abundant to actor or actress character, pure jade-like stone embellish. In recent years Hainan introduced abroad to machine equipment, become high grade and natural crystal treatment He Linglong of catenary of varied necklace, hand, pectoral, eardrop, glasses the crystal handicraft that get rid of appears. Crystal adornment has adornment effect not only, and have sanitarian effect, very suffer come the tourist of Hainan loves.

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