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The series of Hainan special local product of shopping heaven

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Hainan pearl bead actors or actress character greatly, diameter of the biggest ” of “ pearl king 15.5 millimeter. Briny pearl adornment has flower of necklace, eardrop, bosom, ring to wait, all craft is careful, glittering and translucent and colorful, and class is all ready. Still have insurable and strong and handsome look additionally and the pearl layer pink with cheaper price.
Advocate produce 3 inferior city and hill water county. Temperature of seawater of maritime space of Hainan island periphery free from contamination, marine biology abounds appropriate, fine long hair, the growth that is pearl shell offerred good condition. Especially 3 inferior with hill water one belt teems with all sorts of pearl shell, among them Bai Diezhen nacre is our country Nanhai peculiar. Of Hainan big the East China Sea south bead world-famous, value of very precious very rich collect carefully.
Natural and crystal main source is in Hainan collect prosperous county. The mine of crystal of ovine role mountain range of this county measures abundant to actor or actress character, pure jade-like stone embellish. In recent years Hainan introduced abroad to machine equipment, become high grade and natural crystal treatment He Linglong of catenary of varied necklace, hand, pectoral, eardrop, glasses the crystal handicraft that get rid of appears. The crystal coffin of Chairman Mao Zedong with respect to draw materials at this ground
Hainan island is taken
The island is taken (Hainan unlined upper garment) have full-bodied Hainan distinguishing feature, suit the dress of city of intertropical seaside travel in beauty very much, make the ceremonial robe or dress that same function has with the suit in going to external for Hainan government and folk, its occurrence was complied with international is formal nowadays tend simplify and do not wear the suit, diplomacy that does not tie tie increasingly the trend of grow in quantity.
The tea that suffer from man, sweet orchid tea
The tea of Hainan still has water outside the black tea except the tradition, green tea tea of fruit of areca of the full tea, Chinese francolin tea, tea that suffer from man, sweet Lan Chahe. Wild tea of hill of the five fingers is born at cloud and mist all the year round in, get the flower of heaven and earth, mellow Yu Gantian and have prevent a cold, stop diarrhoea, be good at stomach wakes magical effect. Chinese francolin tea advocate produce 10 thousand peace east mountain ridge, pleasant of Xie Yuan flavour, it is a kind of peculiar feral tea. Cold of this tea pleasant tastily, have pleasant drug sweet, have step-down, reduce weight, be good at the lienal, effect that raises a stomach, still can prevent and cure cold, by guest of Chinese ink of past dynasties bookman praise for careless " of " glossy ganoderma. The goat is without smelling of fish or mutton east, delicious and goluptious, consider as commonly feed east the cause of tender leaf of hill partridge tea. Qing Dynasty of aroma of tea of sweet Lan Gong is sweet sterling, mouth of flavor thick Jiang Shuang, shang Segong is colourful bright, the mouthfeel that add a milk is better, you Jia of cold drink effect. Pure meaningful of delicacy of aroma of tea of sweet Lan Lu, soup lubricious olivine is bright, flavor is full-bodied answer pleasant, add ice more tastily.
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