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Coco -- of Hainan indicative

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The use of coco is extremely extensive. Feed its besides delicacy outside fruit juice, pulp, coco is OK deep treatment becomes a variety of products. According to not complete count, the utility of coco is amounted to 360 a variety of.
Coconut flesh can process the product such as grandma of copra, shredded coconut stuffing, coco; Still can machine albumen of milk powder of coconut candy, coco, coco, coco to suckle dew of cake, coco further, ice-cream of malted milk of grandma of cheese of sauce of coconut egg roll, coco, coco, coco, coco and coco wine. The husband of by-product coco wheat that coconut flesh machines still can make concentrated feed.
From inside coconut flesh the coconut oil of crush out can make edible oil not only, and it is a kind of serious industrial chemicals, in make advanced soap, in washing hair essence, cosmetic apply extensively.
Coco water is machined through fermenting now, can make ” of caky “ coco fruit, use at making jelly.
The fiber in coconut garment can make seat cushion of carpet, advanced mattess, car, sound insulation board, rope wait. Coconut shell can carve all sorts of handicraft, also machine activated carbon. Additional, did not forget, old coco works to still can regard as the pillar of the building.

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