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Product of coconut carving series
Coconut carving, it is the handicraft that be made with coconut shell carve and becomes, modelling is novel and diversiform, tonal of primitive simplicity is refined have distinctive artistic color and rich Hainan color.
Origin of Hainan coconut carving is long. Be in early Tang Dynasty begins to make goblet with coconut shell with respect to somebody. Land chelonian cheats person of late Tang poetry to already cup of " wine full coco disinfects name of mist " poem. Bright, clear two generation, coconut carving ever regarded the articles of tribute austral " day as " to undertake pay intribute.
Craft sculpture divides planar anaglyph outside, still have stereo anaglyph, vulture, heavy carve, go all out close, set an embryo, embed shellfish to wait a variety of. Chromaticity of coconut carve patterns or designs on woodwork plants hundreds. Especially monkey of deeply welcome coconut younger sister, coco with former coco brief quarter, lifelike, be full of natural and plain beauty.
Coconut carving has all sorts of having to enjoy a sex place, condole and hold an artistic quality, practical articles for daily use concurrently, produced coconut carving picture again in recent years, the wind of its of primitive simplicity, of conception artful, the interest of modelling, add spring scenery again for traditional coconut carving.

Souvenir of travel mark series

Hainan saves travel mark to save tourism bureau to weigh gold to collect earning to the whole nation by Hainan. On this mark, hill of the rising sun, the five fingers, sea, beach and coco are cultivated, make the intertropical nature picture with a colourful, strong amorous feelings. The " of " China Hainan of English adorns a graph to go up, the beautiful scenery that behaves charm of coconut wind sea to this added " of " foreign flavour, make " foreigner " looks to understand. Hainan travel indicates souvenir already had Hainan to save travel mark souvenir badge at present (have an enamel aureate with fat of the lacquer tree that bake two kinds) in all 4 kinds of norms, can buy to batch of office of province tourism bureau. Annals is province travel mark to have a figure only its series souvenir unites directive development by province tourism bureau. A few travel agent imprint brigade cursor annals on culture unlined upper garment, send a visitor, make they left Hainan to have more commemoration day.

Coral miniascape

Coral miniascape is Hai Zhongji flower, originate in intertropical ocean, person " Haishi spends " . Actually, it is not a plant already, also not be mineral, however countless anthozoan (live one kind at the coelenterate in intertropical maritime space) remains builds up and the fossil of the Chengdu City, blossom like that in sea culmination, grotesque, wonderful unsurpassed. White Zhe Shengxue, red person be like blood, green be like halcyon, yellow kind gold. These " sea floor are strange craftsman of beautiful " repass people treatment, deserve to go up conch sea willow and delicate batholith, become suit both refined and popular tastes, various coral miniascape.
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