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The Hainan tropics fruit of shopping heaven

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Produce Indonesia formerly, one of intertropical oil-bearing crops, use is extensive, reason has " of " life wood, "Of treasure tree " say, coconut fruit cent is Qing Ye, Gong Ye. Drupe is big, pellet form or coco are globose, coco whole body does not have trash, coconut flesh can be fed, coconut juice but drink, pulp basically machines coconut silk, coco piece, coconut oil, make cake, candied raw material. Coco water contains a vitamin, it is natural asepsis, cool and refreshing stop thirsty beautiful tastes beverage. Coconut shell is to be able to make handicraft, coconut wood can make housing materials.
Originate in Hainan formerly, have 2000 above history, for Chinese south famous special local product, peel is beautiful, if pulp translucence coagulates like fat, glittering and translucent and honey, qing Dynasty is sweet juicily, fragrance is full-bodied and inviting, nutrition is rich. Folk often makes medical cure cordial, qing Dynasty ever made articles of tribute before, main breed has: Imperial concubine laugh, red in March, big clove, small clove, rose is sweet wait.
Produce India and southeast Asia formerly, there is millenarian history in our country, element has " intertropical fruit advocate of " say, pulp is deep yellow, buff, the flesh pledges compact, be bored with slips, smell is sweet, fruits is full, bright-coloured and beautiful, contain a lot ofvitamin C. Main breed: Sweet awn of Bai Huamang of Luzon awn, ivory awn, Qiu Mang, Thailand, coco (egg awn) .
Wool leaf jujube:
Renown India jujube, another name for Yunnan Province pricks a jujube, it is our country southern jujube is planted, because have " solar eclipse 3 jujubes, of immortal not old " praise, be by the name again so " of " macrobian fruit. Fructification color is blueness yellow, auburn, ringing and sweet, goluptious, nutrition abounds Xian Weixiang, belong to fruit of classy and natural health protection. Its carbohydrate content is highest, vitamin C and phosphor, calcium and iron content are higher. Jujube fruit is high grade medicine, feed amphibious beautiful to taste, delicacy is fed, steamed wheaten foods or decoct juice drink all taste delicious, be ideal enrich the blood powerful body food. Have treatment swimmy and hypertensive, anaemic, frail, hidebound wait for action, use at cook burden to improving the health, recuperation gas blood has original effect.
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