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Western Paradise temple

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Temple of big talk Western Paradise

Brief introduction of Western Paradise temple:

Be located in big talk city new China Ou Yixing street 75, it is what assist of king of the Mingshi austral sacred Ming Daihai builds.

Wang Zun fastens Hainan to face tall county person, qiu Jun's brilliant student, well-read, brilliant, but he has unrecognized talent, after entering fill an office 20 wander in fast state seat of government, Shao Wu all the time for years government office, face river government office to know together, 85 years old of soldier, have poetic language be handed down from ancient times. Western Paradise temple has room 3 into, the first enter and the 2nd into between have small yard, the 2nd enter and the 3rd into between have Bai Ting, bai Ting's both sides is thing side porch, cover an area of an area to amount to 1193 square metre.

Whole temple builds the timber structure that fasten a brick, single entry dougong, carved beams and painted rafters, craft is delicate, dimensions is grandiose.

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