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Garden of Qiu dredge grave

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Garden of grave of dredge of big talk Qiu

Brief introduction of garden of Qiu dredge grave:

Garden of Qiu dredge grave is located at village of head of big talk environs, grave front courtyard makes an appointment with 2500 square metre. Protect an unit for cultural relic of national level key. Qiu Jun is the politician with Ming Dynasty famous middle period, the scholar with 15 eminent centuries of our country.

Qiu Jun (1421-1495 year) , word second is close, date huts greatly, date jade peak, stage fining jade, alias seamount a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest, fine jade gold of city of hill city seat of government spends village person now, common people fines jade with “ hill ” honour, also call stage fining jade the gentleman. Childhood funeral father, rely on mother breeding, assiduously study conscientiously, clever and outstanding. 17 years old answer countryside tries the first, hind in a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, have successively held the posts of member of the Imperial Academy to make up repair, serve tells right serve of wine of hold a memorial ceremony for of bachelor, great scholar, the Imperial College, the Ministry of Rites in feudal China a high official in ancient China of general affairs of Langjian the Imperial College, the Ministry of Rites in feudal China holds general affairs of government office of palm general affairs and prince concurrently to protect a high official in ancient China of the Ministry of Rites in feudal China less to hold Wen Yuange concurrently greatly, participate in Wu of imperial court machine, the emperor after dying grants bury, shi Wen Zhuang. All one's life is erudite much knowledge, write is very rich, have " world Shi Zhenggang " , " the university spreads out justice fill " , " the home is formal section " , " Qiongtaishiwenhui stalks of grain " , " idiom is taken an examination of " , " extensive region eaves opens keep in mind " , thespian " send note " wait for hundreds, those who earn “ poem article to issue ” all over the sky praise, the Zhang Jiuling with Tang Dynasty (Qu Jiang) , Song Dai's Yu Qing, Cui to it (add a city) call " mountain range south 4 big Confucianism " . Call " Hainan with Hai Rui, Wang Zun, Zhang Yuesong 4 absolutely " .

Qiu dredge grave fastens dome of stone build by laying bricks or stones, grave radical cent is 6, share 16 class steps leading up to a house, monument stands before the grave, make an appointment with 4.4 meters high, upper part engraves the double dragon that has pair of dance, quarter have or so edge the decorative pattern such as pine, red-crowned crane, auspicious cloud, about 2 meters of place before gravestone have station of stone hold a memorial ceremony for, candlestick of censer of buy of stage of hold a memorial ceremony for, stone. Before memorial archway of a stone establishs his, on memorial archway quarter have “ to tasty ” of official of name of · a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, there is 2 at the back of lane honour the Shi Wengzhong of modelling of primitive simplicity. About 4 meters of place before Shi Wengzhong have marble tablet, tablet north engraves ” of life of grand of “ general day 4 words, engrave south have big funeral oration of bright emperor instruct, whole grave front courtyard is shown elliptic, left, right, hind 3 round baluster, baluster periphery is verdant hill sloping field, face pond at the same time, there is lion of Shi Ma, bharal, stone on the meadow before pond each pair. The pond in grave curtilage, qing Quan is ceaseless, all the year round water is full, summer is cool, not cold in the winter. Face Ping Chou Wo Ye, hind pillow is verdant hammock, of primitive simplicity is peaceful, majestic and solemn and respectful.
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