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Beauty spot of 5 fair ancestral temple

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Big talk beauty spot of 5 fair ancestral temple

Brief introduction of beauty spot of 5 fair ancestral temple:

Be located in big talk city and place of border on of city of government office of hill fining jade, be apart from downtown to make an appointment with 5 kilometers, it is to be period of commemorative the Tang Dynasty, the Song Dynasty to banish from the court 5 of Hainan island famous history characters: Li Deyu of photograph of Tang Chao name, friend name 5 fair ancestral temple.
5 fair ancestral temple are a group of ancient buildings group a general designation, it is comprised by Guan Jiatang, hall learning garden, Dong Zhai, Xi Zhai, reach its to do obeisance to booth, hole to drink with ancestral temple of wave of Su Gong ancestral temple, two bend over hole of the booth, Su Quanting, a small room that wash a heart, You Xian become repeatedly, floor area 2800 more than square metre, along with gardens, Jing Quan, pond covers an area of 100 mus about. Only then build Yumingmo between calendar year, qing Guangxu 15 years (1889) repair again, hind for many times reparative, still be Yi Yi is born now brightness.

All through the ages of 5 fair ancestral temple is known as wonderful scenery of stage fining jade, it with “ Hainan ” of first floor gives priority to body, this is a red building that builds meticulously with classy timber, the building is ten meters tall, 2 fall on cent, quadrilateral housetop of assemble pointed type, element tile red rafter, with all around reflect of brilliant photograph of greenery numerous branch, appear all the more majestic and solemn and respectful. 2 buildings front, "Horizontal forehead of " of first floor enters Hainan awesomely eye; Downstair hall has the couplet of second mate win universal praise on column of principle columns of a hall:

"The Tang Dynasty lament was not built, the Song Dynasty hates be content to retain sovereignty over a part of the country, heaven and earth outside Zhu Hai of buy of a few talents; Before path agree virtuous, religion after promoting, learn, heaven and earth has healthy atmosphere to be in this building. "" knows to have a state only, do not know to have a body, at one's convenience is tormented 1000 kinds, beneficial firm its annals; First its place care, hind its place is happy, I wish group just rise, mo Fusi building. Mo Fusi building..

Read, stroke Gu You to think of, the gas of 5 fair heroics swings to be born however. Right of 5 fair ancestral temple has hall learning garden is abandoned with 5 public essence of life. Hall learning garden is Zhejiang Mingshi Guo Wanxiang discourses on an academic subject reason location. 5 public essence of life are abandoned is the student austral Wan Qinghai study the ground via epic article, both sides room all is with element made of baked clay annatto is built, typical case of bright cool breeze. Curtilage flowers and trees is exuberant, the four seasons coagulates shade, the scenery is gorgeous, the environment is peaceful. Guo Wanxiang comes book of the belt when Hainan many 8000, building of 5 fair ancestral temple offers place 5 public essence of life abandon a student to study. After Guo Wanxiang dies of illness, 5 public essence of life are abandoned for library of 5 fair ancestral temple, hide Guo Wanxiang posthumous papers. Later, loot of all previous classics, books place remnant very few. After that, hall learning garden is abandoned with 5 public essence of life by the government new and reparative anew, display Hainan part cultural relic, bright generation bans timbal of ancient time of bell, the Li nationality, Xuan Delu to wait.
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