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Hai Ruimu garden

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Brief introduction of Hai Ruimu garden:

Be located in big talk city on the west village of outskirt bank limit, protect an unit for cultural relic of national level key.

Hai Rui (1514-1587 year) , word Ru Xian, other word country leaves, date firm peak, gold of town of seat of government of city of hill fining jade spends village person. Lift countryside to try, bestow a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, ren Naping teachs instruct first, how does preferment honest know a county after, promote a country to know a county. In inside pursue clear measure, all Yao, clean-fingered and self-reliant, gown of cloth of person character “ can take off millet ” . Bright world Zong Jiajing holds the post of Yunnan of the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China 45 years to manage advocate thing, world an administrative unit in Xizang bestows favor on letter necromancer at that time, only meaning fast Taoist sacrificial ceremony, improper request is immortal not dead medicine, ignore face is broken politics, nobody dare remonstrate with, only Hai Rui is risked dead on scanty, make Yan Zhi remonstrate with, astonish the government and the public, put in prison be dismissinged from office, the get-off after world an administrative unit in Xizang is dead. Grand celebrates 3 years (1569) hold the post of Ying Tianxun to stroke, inside ever chaired river of dredge Wu Song, Bai Maohe, " of big thrust travel flogs law " , suffer the person such as Zhang Juzheng object, by return to one's native place of remove from post.

Upright and outspoken of sea luck lifetime not A, during residing an official, rehabilitated a few a miscarriage of justice, be known as ” of “ sea blue sky, also say “ bag is fair fair ” is wrapped south world ” , “ again. He takes up the post of Nanjing when 72 years old examine courtyard right Qian drive history, still force punish embezzles an official, die of illness before long at abode. After dying, the imperial court grants hold a memorial ceremony for 8 altar, give prince to be protected less, shi date faithful interpose, dispatch official Xu Ziwei protects coffin to put in bury 's charge. Hold a funeral procession that day, the whole town turns out in Nanjing city, business person shopkeeper's strike, farming person cease is agrarian, attend a funeral of masses a narrow lane, cry establish person a hunderd li is incessant.

Hai Ruimu builds grave of primitive simplicity field, front door has mill of a monument, another name for Guangdong Province of horizontal book “ east shade of healthy atmosphere ” engraves Dan Gong big character, granite spreads the path leading to a grave that grows into many meters 100, the stone carving such as chelonian of lion of both sides is erect Shi Ren, bharal, Shi Ma, stone, stone. There still is 3 stones memorial archway among path leading to a grave, majestic and solemn and respectful.

Garden of sea luck grave only then build Yu Mingmo one by one seventeen years (1589) , it is the emperor sends Xu Ziwei to be supervised to Hainan on a special trip build. Allegedly, when sea luck coffin carry comes when showing graveyard, carry the cord of coffin was broken suddenly, people thinks this is Hai Rui ground of free and geomantic treasure, its then on the spot falls bury. Hai Ruimu is 3 meters tall, vaulted, there is 4 meters tall stone tablet before the grave. The extend after sea luck coffin chamber ” of “ Yang Lianxuan, its well balanced two pairs of couplet that Hai Rui is written are hanged on column, it is “ firstly 3 be born not to change austerity to hold, die ten thousand deaths often leaves ” of body of the god of the land and the god of the grain-the state. There is sea luck statue before a small room, hind of a small room has ” of cabinet of “ cool breeze, the career achievement that shows Hai Rui and display concerned cultural relic. Whole grave garden, green grass is like mattress, the four seasons of the coconut tree with verdant luxuriantly green, Song Bai, green bamboo is evergreen.
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