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10 thousand green garden

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The north of 10 thousand green garden faces blue waves the channel of city fining jade of 10 thousand just, the financial trade division with bristly high-rise leans south. Belong to the land that fills sea area originally, through construction of a few years, conserve, already presented the good picture that gives green grass to luxuriant and well-spaced like mattress, flowers and trees. Roam inside 10 thousand green garden, on 1000 mus lawn hope to be less than an edge; It is by the side of coastal road, have nearly 10 thousand intertropical tree that give priority to with coco more, dancing has dance, lush and green ……10 thousand green garden are government of people of big talk city for afforest city, provide a beautiful modes of life and relation to their environment for broad citizen environment and rest place, 1994 build. At that time, municipal government appeal, reaction of social all circles is strong, no matter business of strategics of workers and peasants is contribution, still attend compulsory work active eagerly. Money gives money, strong the occasion that exert oneself is very touching. Always investing 300 much head period in the project, having 10 million yuan is individual contribution. To big talk for city of provincial capital of this “ pocket ” , can of 10 thousand green garden calls gold treasure the ground. “ is depended on at that time estate value, can sell 60 100 million. ” child the director is laughing to say, this is not “ exaggerate sth just to scare people, it is now, 10 thousand green garden still also are the halcyon on gold treasure ground. ” runs from opposite directions allegedly send 10 thousand green garden dispute is very big at that time, a lot of person views sell land, so that big talk starts larger investment and development, finally still is calm sound of hammer of city leadership ―: Development fills sea area, build 10 thousand green garden. The fact proves, the building of 10 thousand green garden, to improving surroundings of big talk people, improve quality of environment of coconut town organisms' habits, had the positive effect of clinking equal, be 60 100 million cannot rise to mix the enormous wealth that replace. After 10 thousand green garden build, became people to love the place that go most. Meet political integrity is celebrated, if knit,be tourist more. The 10 thousand green garden of nowadays not only the environment of urban organisms' habits that changed big talk city, the culture that also abounded big talk citizen greatly at the same time lives. Ramble is in 10 thousand green garden, people likes the fresh air below white cloud of this blue sky, loving the one grass here one wood. Preparing mount a horse 2 period after the project is carried out, will build tens of hundreds scene area, tourist attraction, the building of stroll about or have a rest such as booth, corridor, a pavilion or house on a terrace, cabinet can adorn meantime, environment and humanitarian landscape bring out the best in each other. Form a haven of peace of scene of tropics of austral seaside city. Economy of big talk city grows Peng Dayu of research center vice director to say to the author, the tourist attraction of ” of two “ ace of big talk -- scale of 5 fair ancestral temple, Hai Ruimu is not large, the proportion that recieves a tourist to occupy gross of big talk tourist is very small. The building of 10 thousand green garden made up for the inadequacy of this respect. Peng Dazong says, do a “ to participate in 10 thousand green garden model the culture amusement park of ” , can develop its efficiency adequately. Reason has 3, one of, what big talk lacks is open region, much is high-rise song hall, outdoor, open, the activity of in a popular style is lacked very however, 10 thousand green garden can offer relevant condition fitly. Secondly, “ is participated in model the trend of a development that ” travel is contemporary travel, “ is done to participate in in 10 thousand green garden model ” activity, as it happens is OK fill this one blank. Thirdly, do culture amusement park 10 thousand green garden, the made room that makes big talk citizen and nonlocal tourist and even foreign tourist have culture communication, undoubted to letting big talk move toward the world meeting has very auspicious place. 10 thousand green garden, will be a result is in in contemporary, benefit the green monument of a thousand years, have a niche in the temple of fame.
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