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Su Gong ancestral temple

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Ancestral temple of big talk Su Gong

Brief introduction of Su Gong ancestral temple:

Be located in 5 fair ancestral temple east side, build to commemorate Su Shi of old writer of Northen Song Dynasty. The Shuang Quan that there is Su Shi to stay here, hole drinks of booth vestigial. This is court of type of a gardens, ancestral temple, greenery, flower is strewn at random have send, mountain stream meandering, spring babbles. Of Su Gong ancestral temple left it is an area nearly 10 mus garden fining jade, there is the float millet spring, Su Quanting, a small room that wash a heart to wait inside garden east slope is vestigial.

A whitewash a wall other float millet spring is embedding a monument, monument is engraving " of spring of " float millet 3 big character, the cool and refreshing spring flood before tablet up and down two Fang Jing. According to legend Su Dongpo discovers this here. Spring water is clean, clear and bright, flavour pleasant bright. The well leaves spring, do not see scale ten years, with its make tea, sweet alcohol is clinking, element has “ Hainan good name of ” of the first spring. The well is medium now spring still clear see an end, but already did not see spring spew.

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