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Li Shuoxun martyr commemorates booth

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Martyr of big talk Li Shuoxun commemorates booth

Li Shuoxun martyr commemorates booth

Li Shuoxun martyr commemorates booth is located in road of government office of sea of big talk city on 5 fair ancestral temple, built in September 1986. Li Shuoxun martyr, renown Li Tao, sichuan saves tall county person, was born on Feburary 23, 1903, one's early years attends revolution. . On August 31, 1932, hold the post of Guangdong of the Communist Party of China to save Comrade Li Shuoxun of secretary of the Central Military Commission, get the delegate of the party, hainan guidance armed fight comes before. After arriving at big talk, be betrayed because of the traitor and be arrested unfortunately, of the same age was in big talk city on September 5 east die a martyr of heroism of v/arc drill ground, be people liberate the life that gave heroism. Commemorate booth is built in place of martyr die a martyr, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 1300 square metre, booth is shown tetragonal, 6.1 meters tall, the horizontal stroke of booth has the inscribe of Comrade Wang Zhen on plaque: "Li Shuoxun martyr commemorates booth " . Well balanced before 10 meters are in, the upper part of the body of Li Shuoxun martyr that granite stone carving is engraved is statuary, 1.2 meters tall, base is 2 meters tall. Openly marble is engraving the bronzing big character of inscribe of holograph of Comrade Deng Xiaoping: "" of immortal of Li Shuoxun martyr. What the reverse side is engraving Comrade Li Yimang to be martyr compose is inscriptive. A covered corridor or walk of green cover with tiles of a yellow wall is after souvenir wells balanced, 8 paratactic marble, engraving Comrade Li Yimang to be the biography brief of compose of Comrade Li Shuoxun and martyr posthumous papers respectively, and Zhu De, Nie Rongzhen, Guo Mei if, the holograph epigraph of the like-minded recall martyr such as Wu Yuzhang, Zhang Aiping, Zhoushidi, preface and postscript. Booth all around greenery is shady, flower encircle, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, the way before front courtyard is direct road of sea government office. Every time tomb-sweeping day and day of die a martyr of Li Shuoxun martyr, the wreath before booth, bouquet is folded fold orderly.

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