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Big talk big public house of Bao Huahai scene (4 stars)

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Hotel introduction:

Hainan big public house of Bao Huahai scene reposes in big talk town's bustling financial trade division (the seaside highway) that is located in big talk city to provide intertropical amorous feelings most, stand by the sea, the “ that faces fragrant grass to be like mattress ” of 10 thousand green garden and channel of gallant city fining jade, communication is easy, the hotel is apart from haven 5 minutes car Cheng, be apart from a railway station 20 minutes, be apart from downtown only 5 minutes, be apart from the airport 30 minutes. Situation is very advantageous.

Hotel floor area 46 thousand square metre, afforest is enclothed rate amount to 25% ; Advocate the building is 30 tall; Big 21 meters tall gorgeous, imposing manner brightness grand. Its Juan Yi, decorous with the appearance that show originality the design makes the hotel becomes big talk city to indicate the gender is built.

The hotel has standard city view (seascape) odd, double room, administrative floor guest room, various flatlet and flatlet of president of Ming Daifeng division add up to 418 (set) . Guest room style is decorous, pure and fresh, advocate nature and environmental protection. All seascape guest room can accomplish you to lie read blue ocean satisfied dream, the 10 thousand green garden that you can see panoramic fragrant grass be like mattress alone, strong the bizarre landscape with the big bridge of the century that cross the sea of channel of the United States' beautiful city fining jade, of great momentum and water uniform nature. The hotel has hall of the dining-room in cabinet of honoured guest of —— of administrative wine corridor, Wang Luyuan, coffee, palace to feed dining-room of government office, peaceful, Jing Fugong at present (Korea dining-room) , Si Nuo overcomes bar to wait, can offer the cate cate of different gust, it is the hotel with most sort of dining hall of big talk city. Among them palace feeds dining-room of government office, peaceful and Jing Fugong (Korea dining-room) adornment style and dish are tasted in Hainan island all develop a school of one's own.

The hotel offers a broadband to reach wireless get online, those who deploy establishment to perfect is muti_function hall and many major assembly room, can hold the conference of different dimensions, banquet and marriage dinner; Reception desk of business affairs center, bazaar, travel offers of all kinds business affairs, travel for you convenient service; High-grade administration floor and cabinet of 28 buildings honoured guest, can let you admire the beautiful scenery of channel of city fining jade, can learn quick advantage enter a service, can enjoy free breakfast, afternoon tea to reach more favourable kimono Wu.

The large KISS nightclub with complete establishment, swimming-pool, sauna, massage center, hairdressing beautifies hair room of center, gym, billiards, ping-pong room, chess card room, let the exhaustion of your cleanse clear body and mind, unlock cherish to all enjoy magnificent life.
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