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Big talk triumphant power big public house (4 stars)

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Hotel introduction:
Hainan triumphant power big public house is hang out his shingle restaurant of 4 stars class. Be located in on the west the coast is banding park forward position, big talk is beautiful to flower harbor, line of sea Yu Chinese and Western is handed in collect place, north depends on the channel of city fining jade of vast, on the west the ” of “ holiday beach of adjacent beauty, be apart from airport of United States orchid 20 minutes car Cheng, car Cheng stands 10 minutes south railroad of sea of another name for Guangdong Province, west station of big talk highway is planted 2 minutes only car Cheng.
The hotel covers an area of more than mus 50, total floor area 20000 square metre, have standard guest room, luxurious flatlet, business affairs flatlet, president flatlet in all 168. Have the luxurious box of the large banqueting hall that can contain repast of 600 more than person at the same time and style name different, roll out the current state dish that is famous in the world, authentic wide side dish, buddha of Fujian type “ jumps wall ” and characteristic cate “ burn goose emperor ” . Style of Western-style food hall is decorous, air is exalted, offer point of elegant and Western-style dish, characteristic coffee. The hotel still has KTV of large song hall balcony, muti_function center of Wu of system of network of auditoria of hall, size, broadband and business affairs, ticket, shopping centers, hairdressing beautifies hair center, gym, tennis court, ping-pong, billiards, sauna, health protection is full bath, massage the Kang Ticheng that waits for completely of form a complete set. Offer for guest considerate and meticulous convenient service.
Climb a hill triumphant power the garden in sky of big public house, overlook of look as far as one can fines jade city channel all stops eye ground, charm of coconut wind sea, lake smooth water is lubricious, intersect muddy



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