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Cafe of garden of spring of big talk dragon (SamSung)

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Hotel introduction:
Cafe of garden of Hainan dragon spring is the business affairs that limited company of group of Hainan dragon spring presses SamSung grade level to invest build goes vacationing model hotel.
The hotel reposes in be troubled by to take static countrywide civilization to set an example on Hai Xiulu of city of street —— big talk, border lively and flourishing shopping centre, park of people of city of back big talk, the hotel covers an area of a face to accumulate 21 mus, by two integrated buildings and villatic composition. Green grass is like inside the hotel shade, strange Hua Yimu is bristly. The hotel is decorated elegance, luxurious, facility is perfect and complete, have sweet, comfortable standard guest room, garden guest room, business affairs and luxurious flatlet many 100 (set) , and gym of hall of hall of big, little assembly room, Chinese meal, coffee hall, singing and dancing, travel agent, sauna, hairdressing beautifies hair courtyard, thenar the establishment of relevant form a complete set such as massage room. Advanced satellitic autodyne can be received domestic and international many 20 TV program, full automatic supervisory system of fire control, security personnel and international country long distance call, let you times feeling advantage, Shu Shuang.



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