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Guesthouse of big talk center fining jade (SamSung)

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Hotel introduction:

Guesthouse of center fining jade is Hainan province people government recieves guesthouse, in June 1983 completion does business, cover an area of a face to accumulate 40 thousand much square metre, intertropical gardens type builds a style, be known as " of garden of " Hainan grand sight. It is located in big talk downtown, the position advantageous, traffic is convenient, each a section of a highway all has the urban district the bus is nonstop.
Hotel facilities function is all ready, have sweet and comfortable luxurious flatlet 13, administrative guest room 2, presidential flatlet and standard guest room in all 175 (set) , in still be being set, on the west, center of house of gust dining-room and hall of singing and dancing, swimming-pool, tennis, business affairs, beauty parlour, bazaar, muti_function hall and the form a complete set such as all sorts of assembly room serve establishment. The advanced auditoria that can hold nearly 300 people at the same time especially makes more all circles administration, trade meets Wu representing yearning.
Guesthouse recieves merchant of VIP of party card head, international, distinguished personages every year for many times. Beautiful, establishment perfects the environment here, the service is intertropical and considerate, it is to welcome honoured guest, hold the conference, business affairs negotiates and go vacationing recreational optimal place.

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